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It is day 16 of our Ark Appeal and our Animal of the day is Giles the Rooster!

Meet Giles, he's a feisty rooster who was abandoned in a field along with several other roosters in April 2019. We worked to get them rehomed as quickly as we could as the field owner wanted his land back. Giles wasn't doing so well and had to come to the sanctuary for some TLC. He arrived sickly but he was soon on the mend with steady food, and being de-wormed, de-loused, and de-stressed! :)

He settled into life in the cabin with the cats for a few months until he was fit and healthy enough to venture outside. He hasn't looked back!

Immediately he settled into the front garden flock of permanent resident birds. He takes his role of rooster very seriously and will often step in front of the others protectively; except at dinner time of course, which is when it's a mad dash to be the first for the goodies!

Giles adores fresh fruit but he's picked up a habit from his companion Margaret, of stealing treats from staff and volunteers and is very fond of rice Krispie bars! For that reason, we have to monitor his food intake very carefully, and guard all lunch boxes!

You can help us keep Giles fed and safe by donating towards his Ark Appeal. It costs just 38 pence to feed him daily, which is only £34.20 for a full three months!

Please donate now to help animals at the sanctuary - send a Paypal donation to

Or why not set up a weekly sponsorship of only £2.66 which will feed Giles every day! visit to sign up!

Please remember to gift aid your donation if you can!

Learn more about Giles - visit our resident's pages!

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