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Home from Home

This little lady was found straying in Belfast and is around 8 months old. We are unsure of breeding but think she is a hound mix.

She is very nervous, and needs an experienced home who can teach her basics such as walking on the lead and to progress with her toilet training etc, though she has been very clean inside so far. MUST go to home with a very secure garden as she is agile, and with her nerves she can be given to running when spooked so a secure garden with high walls or fences is essential and must be gated or secured. She is very good with children, though we have no history of her with dogs or cats so either a pet free home, or someone experienced in introducing animals slowly and properly is a must.

Home check will apply. We do not rehome out of Northern Ireland.

If you can provide a home for her please email with ‘Female Hound Mix’ in the subject line.

Please provide contact details and information regarding home you can provide.

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