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Lockdown Diary

Day 8 of Lockdown

“Today I saw Pepper nipping out for his groceries. I was jealous because he got to go out while I had to wait for my delivery - which was late! And they didn’t have half of the things I ordered! I’m pretty sure I told Ezra to add another million carrots onto his order last week. I need to find a new personal shopper... someone who will buy me the necessities and of course the good stuff too? Where was I? Oh yes, my food delivery. They stayed outside and made me go to them - rude. And then they had the affront or asking me to stay back! Well, I never - it’s my food! Which I ordered! I’m starving Here people and you are restricting me more!

Blackie has informed me that we have to be kind at these times but it’s hard. I want to go to the shops when I want to! I want to buy one million carrots and not have someone tell me to put nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-seven back!

Am I being unreasonable?

My learning for today includes that a rant can be good - but as long as you don’t hurt anyone - these are strange times. Most importantly don’t take it out on those who are working hard and putting themselves at risk so you can stay and home safe. Don’t take unnecessary trips out and stay at home - there are some amazing people working to make sure people don’t have to leave their homes.

Thank you, delivery drivers!”

Jarvis (today’s angry old man)

Send Jarvis some carrots - make a one of £10 donation!

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