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Lockdown Diary

Day 1 of Lockdown

"The hooman’s are still attending to my needs, although breakfast was late this morning because apparently they had to go and pick up the food themselves from the suppliers because there is no delivery.

Things seem pretty normal, I’m still getting my daily quota of bum scratches. Hmm, what else? Oh, and it’s quite quiet around here now during the day so I’m making the most of it all and adding another couple of naps into my daily schedule.

Current concerns, who is bringing my carrot delivery? And why doesn’t Hercules obey the social distancing rules?

Take care everyone. I’m keeping my eyes (when they’re open) on the staff here to make sure their fit and well to make my dinner; I can’t risk lunch being late! The horror. Until next time diary.”

Lucas (aka. The bestest, cutest, fastest, smartest horsest horse there ever was!) 😉🐴 #claslucas #lockdowndiary #fromthehorse #lightersideoflockdown #learningfromlockdown

Donate some carrots for Lucas and his pals - donate £10!

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