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Lockdown Diary

Day 5 of Lockdown

“Brrr, anyone else chilly? As if I didn’t have enough to worry about the hoomans decided I needed a groom. Do I look like I needed a groom? Now I’m basically naked! Look at all my wonderful fluff all over the ground. The horror! ⠀

I’m going to be staying indoors until it all grows back or until my full supply of carrots has been reinstated - whichever comes first. Hey, I have a great idea! Could you send me some money to buy some more carrots? The silly staff here are rationing and I’m a pony that needs his grub people! ⠀

Oh, or you could send some more of my supplement for my feet, I’ve been told you can find it on our wishlist on amazon (whatever that is?) and you can get it delivered right to our gates! There’s lots of other things on there too - but I’d be happy with some formula 4 feet and one million carrots.⠀

Blackie says I need to tell you what I’ve learnt today - here goes, I’ve learnt the internet is awesome but you can’t eat it! I’ve also learnt that it’s getting warmer outside but that doesn’t mean we should all flock to the beach!⠀

You can help by staying at home and letting people like my food deliveries get their work done! “ Ezra (the not a stallion stallion)⠀

Donate £10 to buy some carrots for Ezra!

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