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Our Last Man Standing

On Tuesday the 10th of September we said a sad farewell to our last man standing, Norman the broiler. Norman arrived with us at only 1 day, as part of a group of day old chicks that were surplus to requirements. Their young age gave us hope and we thought with the correct nutritional balancing from the start we would see them mature into more natural chicken/hen proportions. This was not the case for many and those that didn’t suffer with weight issues were complicated by heart and joint complaints.

'Little' Norman was our last man standing, he was a beautiful white bird with a big red comb and although he had some issues with his legs and his heart he was often in good form and happy to see people.

He had a wonderful nature and for the past year has lived most of his days in the garden with his friend Charlie the duck. He would have been three years old this December and although we are all extremely saddened by his loss we are so grateful to have had to the time to know him.

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