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To help us keep animals safe and fed we are trying to raise 3 months’ feed for each of our animals so that we can keep them safe during this epidemic. Yesterday you managed to help raise enough money to feed Jodie for 5 and a half months! Which is absolutely incredible! ⠀

Today Tim is hoping for a safe spot on the Ark. Tim is our oldest canine resident and is a lovable rogue with his friends. He’s got a terrible habit of eating things he shouldn’t and because of this he’s had to have multiple surgeries to remove non digestible objects from his stomach and intestines. Each surgery has left him with a little less bowel which means we have to be extra careful with his food and when he’s out and about as nothing is safe from Tim’s stomach! ⠀

He’s got some trouble with arthritis in his joints which leaves him in pain some days so we give him a supplement to help with this. He also gets food that’s grain free, gluten free and specially formulated for those with digestive issues. We think having only a bit of bowel left counts as a digestive issue?⠀

It costs us £2.16 each day to feed Tim and provide him with the supplements to keep him healthy. We hope to raise enough to help cover the next 3 months feeding for him which is £194.40. ⠀

Please donate whatever you can afford so together we can keep Tim safe on our 'Ark' in these horrible times.⠀

To donate please send donation Via PayPal to:

Please remember to gift aid your donation if you can!

Learn more about Tim - visit our resident's pages!

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