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Rehome Me! Rodger

Rodger arrived with us during the lockdown. We were told he was five but we aged him at no more than 2. When the dentist took a look he shocked us all by announcing that he has an immature mouth, but marks his age at around 15 years old. It's believed his slow development was a result of malnutrition.

He is a lovely donkey, coming along to being handled well. His feet were in a very bad state when he arrived and he had a lot of treatment for this and thankfully he hasn't sustained any bad lasting damage, although his grass intake and feet will have to be closely monitored.

He had secured a home and was hoping for a donkey friend to join him there, unfortunately that home fell through. He hasn't been out with anyone since his gelding but had been briefly turned out with resident's Ned and Denzel for a short while and he seemed to really enjoy the company. For that reason, we will only be considering homes where he will be assured of company at all times. Donkeys are very sociable and he frets without anyone near.

All homes will be required to attend the sanctuary and work with Rodger before rehoming.


To apply CLICK HERE to go to the adoption page!

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