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STILL WAITING Rehoming Appeal - Biscuit & Gizmi

This pair have been settling in at Crosskennan for the past two months and are really starting to come out of their shells. Biscuit and Gizmi are very inquisitive rabbits and they do have a little mischievous side. We have had several homes fall through since they have arrived with us and although we recieved a high number of emails and applications unfortunately none have worked out.

They are young and full of energy and would love a home with lots of space to run and play. Biscuit and Gizmi will need a home with someone who is patient and is willing to spend the time to get to know them and help them feel comfortable in their new home.

Their preferred home would be indoors with someone who has had previous experience with rabbits but if you feel you could give Biscuit and Gizmi the loving home they deserve please don't hesitate to apply. 

If you are interested please fill out a Rabbit Rehoming Application form and then forward it to

Rabbit Rehoming Application
Download DOCX • 19KB

Once your application has been emailed it will be reviewed by someone in our team and someone may contact you for further information. There is a minimum suggested donation fee when rehoming rabbits from Crosskennan of £20 per rabbit.

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