Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary - Northern Ireland
Who are we?

We are based near Antrim and we are committed to helping all kinds of animals - mainly horses and ponies, but also dogs, cats, rabbits and chickens. Since we were granted charitable status in 1996 we have worked tirelessly to promote animal welfare and education and we are committed to promoting awareness and knowledge of animal welfare issues throughout the province.

To relieve the suffering and distress of animals in need of care and protection by reason of sickness, neglect or maltreatment, by establishing and maintaining a sanctuary for such animals.
To advance the education of the general public in the proper care of animals.
It is proposed that these objectives are achieved by providing:-

- An assessment of the animals mental and physical condition involving veterinary advice
- Physical and mental rehabilitation of the animals.
- Identify suitable homes and match animals accordingly.
- Provide educational opportunities for animal owners.

Searching for their Home!

You can help an Animal today!
By texting CLAS12 followed by the amount of the donation e.g. “CLAS12 £5” to 70070.
To 70070

Grant Successes

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2010 @Crosskennan

Linda van der Horst

Equine Day 2019

Galgorm Nursing Home - AAT Visit

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Dogs Day Out 2018

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Summer Open Day

The BlueHouses - Educational Visit

2011 @Crosskennan

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