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8/9 - Weekly Update from Crosskennan!

To make a regular donation - text CLAS to 70660 to pledge £3 monthly!

A quick recap of the previous week for our readers on what's been happening at a very busy Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary!


We need your vote!

Belfast International Airport are holding another of their #LoveToGiveBack charity initiatives.

Love To Give Back allows Belfast International Airport to reach more charities in the local community and even better, you, the public get to vote for your favourite using their poll. We've been chosen as one of their 3 charities to win up to £1250!

To take part, please use the link to the poll below - not need to sign up or enter any details. Just click and make your vote!

We're currently in 2nd place!! Help put us on the top spot?


Monday, 5th September saw the close of the Big CLAS Pet Show 2022.

In the end, we have counted a total of 256 entries, that's an astounding £512 raised for Crosskennan - thank you so very much for all of your entries. It makes all the difference when caring for so many of our residents.

Judging time! The judges have now received your photographs and have the incredibly tough job of deciding who our lucky winners are!

You can vote for who you think should be best in show by heading over to our Facebook and hitting 'like' on your favourites! Remember to look at the class they've been entered into when judging too! Do you think they fit that class? Or you can just go through the album and hit 'like' on all your favourite photos (no matter the class or category). Just pick your favourites and we will tally up the results! Remember, if you've entered and are sharing your photos to get more likes - we are only counting those on the original photos in our "CLAS Big Online Pet Show Summer 2022" album! So do ensure that you remind people to like the original and not the shared images! Closing date for 'like' votes is Sunday 18th September at 9pm Some of our entries below for this years Big CLAS Online Pet Show!



2 pigs appeared in a garden on the Crumlin road on Monday, 5th September. Due to no one coming forward to claim ownership, we have found them a foster home to keep them safe in the meantime. Do you recognise them? Know anyone with pigs?

PIGGY UPDATE! They arrived this morning with their fosterer and are safe and secure. We are still looking to trace an owner. We know they are young pigs, not fully grown. Both male and both intact. They are a little skittish with things but curious and love their food! We know there is a high probability they have been dumped but we want to ensure they do not have a home out there looking for them. If you do recognise them please let us know!

Please remember proof of ownership will be required!



**SPECIAL APPEALS - Home From Home!**


Can you give an old gentleman a home for life? His name is Billy and he's 10/11 years old. His previous potential new home unfortunately fell through but now he's back, on the look out for his furr-ever home!

He is used to living indoors with outdoor access and is very docile but wary of strangers. Would be suited to a quiet household as he only lived with an elderly couple and has no experience with dogs or children, he has lived with another cat up until they passed away two years ago so would potentially be a happy companion to a resident cat.

We would love to get this boy into a new home as soon as we can so not to upset him too much. Please email if you can offer him a home.

Billy is not at the sanctuary.

Shep (6 yo Border Collie)

Shep needs to find a new home due to loss of his own home. He is a very friendly dog, he is amazing with children and strangers although has anxiety with other dogs and doesn't like small animals or cats. He had previously lived with a number of other dogs but since living on his own he has decided he prefers being the only dog in the home and is looking for his new home to be dog free too!

He has been around children most of his life and is very used to them, although he will bark at too many loud noises so maybe older children would be preferable.

For a Border Collie he is quite calm and sedentary, although he does love his walks and a lot of playtime. He does pull a little on the lead but he has been working on this and is making great progress.

Shep has separation anxiety and prefers to be around people for the majority of time, but is fully house trained and can hold for most of a day and overnight. He enjoys spending time in the garden or outdoors but prefers people to be with him, he is an indoor dog!

Despite his breed he was never a working dog, he has been a family pet most of his life.

Shep loves being bathed and groomed. He is not destructive and is very good at only chewing his own toys, although is very sneaky when food is left laying around.

"He is such a happy dog and the most cuddly and caring dog I have ever met and he is very in tune with human emotions and would make great company for someone who can give him the time. I'm really sad to have to give him up and wouldn't if I didn't have to. He has a comfort blanket he sleeps on and I have a collar, lead and some toys and a little food and treats to send with him."

If you can offer a home to Shep please email

Koji is still waiting - in the 5 months he's been looking for a home only one person applied and then didn't respond when contacted. Koji is a wonderful dog, his home cannot provide the care he needs any longer. We don't have the room for him and he's been in a home since he was 8 weeks old so it would be cruel to move him into kennels even if we did have the space. This is why we are helping home from home but he needs a home yesterday. He needs someone able to give him the time and exercise he needs. He's a lovely family dog; he just needs a person with time for him. Given his breeding he is a large strong dog and ideally we would be looking for a home with a good sized secure garden. He is an active dog but also loves lying about on the sofa and getting lots of cuddles.

He's a lovely friendly dog, good with children - and has experience of children aged 4 and above in the home. He is good with dogs both in the home and out on walks, he doesn't have much experience off lead with other dogs. Meetings and careful introductions will be required for any children or dogs in the existing home.

Please check him out on our website


Upcoming Events 2022

Crosskennan's Autumn Dog Walk - 1st October 2022 @ 12:00pm In aid of Crosskennan's small animal vet bills! Taking place on the 1st October from 12pm, our sponsored walk will start off from our premises at: 26 Crosskennan Lane, Ballynoe Rd, Antrim BT41 2QY

Setting off in the scenic countryside we will be covering approximately four miles in a round trip back to the sanctuary. You can take part on your own, in a group, and dogs are of course welcome!

We hope the weather will be fair, but cool enough for our canine companions as they have struggled in previous years when the weather has been too hot.


We do not have a minimum sponsorship required and every little does help. There are several ways you can raise money too! Join us on People's fundraising, Just Giving, Go Fund Me, or Facebook by setting up your own fundraising page and linking all donations to Crosskennan. Need help setting up? Just give us a shout! You can keep things old school and collect sponsorship with one of our sponsorship forms!

You can also do a mix of everything - the main thing is to let all your friends and family know what you're up to and get them to sponsor and share!

On the Day We will confirm exact times closer to the event but we hope to have everyone meet at the Sanctuary for 12pm sharp. Once we have everyone registered we can set off. The walk is approximately 4 miles and is all on public roads (although no footpaths). The walk is a circuit taking us up and down some small inclines and through some areas of Tardee Forest. We will finish up back at the main yard again where we will have refreshments for you to enjoy and we hope all your canine companions will join in with our Fun Dog Show!

Sign Up So we can get an idea of how many people are coming and so we can best track the various sponsorship methods we are asking people to please sign up. We can share your fundraisers too then!

If you cannot make the day you can still get involved; just get sponsored and complete in your own time at home. Do send us some photos/updates of your own progress!

links to our sponsorship form also available on the registration page.

25th Anniversary Gala Dinner - 5th November 2022 @ 7:00pm Maldron Hotel, Belfast International Airport, 200 Airport Rd, Crumlin, BT29 4ZY Crosskennan was founded in 1996 - in 2021 we celebrated our 25th year. Due to Covid, our planned Gala dinner had to be postponed until the following year. Our birthday is the 6th of November so it is apt for us to finish out our 25th year with a party.

The Dinner will be held at The Maldron Hotel Belfast International Airport, beginning with a red carpet arrival, drinks reception followed by a three course meal, a few speeches (we will keep these brief) and closing the evening with music and dancing. We are trying to confirm numbers for the hotel and while many of you have said you are coming along you may not have bought your tickets yet. We would appreciate if you could buy tickets sooner rather than later so we can get a better idea of numbers.

We need to be able to confirm dietary requirements for the hotel and the numbers for the meal etc so please do book today.

We would love to have as many people attend as we can to help raise funds but also to share the moment with them. We would appreciate if you would share the event not just with friends and family, but colleagues, clients, customers. We aren't asking you all to come along (although would be lovely if you all could) but just to help us spread the word about the event.

We have a A4 poster that can be printed out if anyone is able to display it. It has a QR code for the booking page on our website. Here is a link to download the poster for printing -

If we can sell 10 more tickets that will cover our supplements bill for an entire month!


**URGENT APPEAL - Supplements!**

Prices are rising weekly and what was £80 per bag in January is now £120 a bag. For some supplements we are restricted to select suppliers due to many not offering shipping to NI since brexit.

Yesterday we went to our cupboard (store) and it was bare. So, yesterday was an expensive day for us having to order up practically everything for the next month. Costing us over £622.24 (with the postage extra!)

Now to be fair some of these things will last longer than the month - some may last two/three months - but yesterday we realised all at once nearly everything had run out.

Now we do have some reserves to do us until the order arrives so the horses and ponies won’t be suffering but it’s the cost of everything.

Some of the things we’ve had to buy we buy in the largest quantities we can, as the bulk purchases are usually cheaper.

3.6kg Equine Amercia Cortaflex HA regular strength powder £200 20kg Top Spec Digestive Aid £120 20kg Equi Life Formula 4 feet (which we have reduced dramatically thanks to being able to use top spec balancer in place although some still get who can’t have the balancer) £118 3kg Buteless powder £73 2.5kg Oestress £95 500ml Airways £17

All of the above are used at different rates so it’s not often we run out at the same time.

While we would appreciate a donation to cover what we’ve just bought we would equally appreciate the donation of any of the above. It will never go to waste and you can help fill up our stores for another while.

We know the horses and ponies who get any of the above will truly appreciate it as it allows them to live happily at the sanctuary.

Donations can be made directly via Instagram or Facebook or you can send via our website, justgiving, peoples fundraising or PayPal.

PayPal direct is

Thank you as always for supporting.



Last week Crosskennan took on 15 kittens ranging from 5-12 weeks. Many sick with flu.

They were in isolation at the sanctuary and then went out to foster as they will need more hands-on care than we can currently provide.

The younger ones especially are quite sick and sadly we've had to have two put to sleep this week following vet advice. These lot had been transferred from another rescue who were struggling - especially with providing isolation and the needed care for the cat flu and other infections and issues. Cat flu is a serious condition - especially in kittens so young and we’ve seen many not make it without proper treatment and care, so it’s important these guys get the help they need right now.

Kitten food is needed - dry and wet. Sometimes when their sinuses are blocked up the smellier the food the better to encourage them to eat.

With so many being so young we need kitten milk too.

All help is appreciated - if you can help please donate Send donations directly to the sanctuary - Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary, 26 Crosskennan Lane, Antrim, BT41 2QY

Or visit our website for more links on how to help.


FOSTERERS NEEDED FOR SICK KITTENS We need cat fosterers - experienced cat people who can take on small groups of 2-4 kittens asap for care and monitoring. They will need regular monitoring and may need to be syringe fed. An absolute requirement is isolation! You need to be able to isolate the kittens from other cats in your home - this means a room where the other cats can’t access. Or else a home with no other cats in residence. They may need vet visits and they will need close monitoring. Sadly two have already had to be put to sleep due to their health deteriorating beyond help. We need more fosterers to spread the load as the current foster homes are struggling with the sheer number.

Please email if you can foster. Application - please include details of your experience, your home set up, your address, and a contact number.

If you can’t help with fostering but would like to help - food, milk, cat litter and financial donations are very welcome!

Please donate to help with bills!


Home from home... Cat Rehoming We still have 30+ cats and kittens seeking homes at present. Aged 10 weeks to 12 years there is a cat or kitten for everyone. This week we wanted to remind our readers of the wonderful feline friends we had: *NEW* Annie, Robin, Rowan & Nancy

Beautiful kittens Annie, Robin, Rowan and Nancy all require a permanent home as soon as possible.

These four adorable siblings are just 14 weeks old and are currently living in a temporary foster home. They were found abandoned in a cardboard box in Magherafelt, very scared and nervous. Their brother Jack has found a brilliant home of his own leaving the four left to find their own homes!

Rowan (white and lots of grey) is a very confident boy. He loves the older cats, his siblings and people. He is usually very happy to climb up onto your knee for his naps and is very talkative! He likes to be heard. Rowan also loves his food and often growls when he is eating!

Robin (white and some grey) is a nervous little boy, but purrs like his brother when being nursed. He is growing in confidence and loves his food.

Annie (Black and white) is a timid and nervous little girl but her confidence is growing. She enjoys being held if you manage to catch her (or bribe her with treats!). She has beautiful black markings across her face and coat. Nancy (black) is a very talkative and cute little girl. She is still nervous but her confidence is growing each day. She enjoys her Dreamies and beating up her toy mouse!

Behaviour around others: Annie, Robin, Rowan and Nancy all get on well with other pets.

They love other cats, often head rubbing them and purring their hearts out, when other cats in their temporary home curl up with them.

They are ok with dogs, often initially running and hiding from them, then coming out shortly after to investigate them.

They are also used to children. They are typical kittens - running, jumping and swinging on everything.

If you can offer a home for any of these kittens, please complete an online application form

After being found as a stray by a kind, caring lady. Sheba was taken in alongside her kittens to be cared for back to health. Now that her kittens have all found homes of their own, it's time that Sheba was able to find the love and care she so deserves. Sheba is a good natured tortie looking for a new home with someone patient - could that person be you?

Do you like watching tv and giving head scratches? Our beautiful black tiger striped Princess could be the girl for you. Our 15 week old sibling duo are looking for a new home together. Stevie is just as playful but a bit more timid than his sister and therefore would prefer an adult household.

Martha Our 12 year old grey tabby Martha is looking out for a home of her own where she can live out the rest of her days with some well deserved peace and pampering. Living as a stray for 10+ years, I think it's about time Martha experienced the sweet life.

Martha moved into foster and had all her checks and a little TLC. Sadly she tested positive for FIV. FIV is not a death sentence but it does limit her options moving on. She currently lives all her days in one room of her fosters house, and she is quite content although would like to explore a little more. FIV cats can enjoy a happy life and can make wonderful companions. To prevent the disease from spreading, the RSPCA recommends FIV cats must be the only cat in the household, so if you'd like to have a one-cat home, an FIV cat might suit you. Adopting an FIV-positive cat can be really rewarding. Although nobody can predict the future, many FIV cats can potentially live long, healthy and full lives, just like a non-infected cat. They also have all the usual needs of any cat, such as a nutritious diet, mental stimulation and plenty of love! Rocky, Rumour and Ripley

This gorgeous trio is Rocky, Ripley and Rumour. Rocky the female is black with a little white on her tummy. Ripley is a beautiful brown-black and Rumour is the tabby with the most beautiful markings.

They have been in foster for a few weeks after being rescued alongside their mum, Reina (also advertised on the website). The kittens are developing their personalities at the moment, mostly interested in exploring and food. If they grow up like their mum they will be very special cats.

Reina herself has been described as very zen and from the moment of her rescue she has taken to being groomed, having attention and in general living the house cat pet life like she was born into it. Quite different to her origin - being dumped at a derelict house heavily pregnant.

The kittens may grow up like mum, or they may be the complete opposite - at the present time they still haven't developed any strong personality traits. They have also had either no or very little exposure to children and dogs.

It's our preference that they find homes either in pairs or into a home with another cat present; potentially being rehomed alongside mum who is little more than a kitten herself.

All three kittens and their mum deserve someone to love them - could that be you?

This gorgeous girl is Reina, a very chilled young mum who is looking forward to finding a home of her own very soon. Reina is only a kitten herself but already she's been a mum to 3 wonderful little kittens, Rocky, Rumour and Ripley

She may be happy being rehomed with other cats, or even with one of her kittens. She won't demand much, but would be very happy to accept the attention when it's given.

Here she is, sunning herself waiting for her purrrrr-fect home.

We have a rehoming fee of £70 for cats. All our cats are neutered and if not neutered at the time of rehoming, will be required to be neutered as soon as permitted by a vet. All adoptions will only take place following meeting the cat at the sanctuary and a home check.

Unfortunately due to the large number of applications we can receive per cat we do have to state that we may not be able to contact every unsuccessful home. Adoptive homes will only be considered in NORTHERN IRELAND. We are sorry we cannot accommodate further afield but this ensures we can carry out effective home checks and you have a chance to meet the cats before adoption.

The importance of Spaying/Neutering your cat

We would also like to encourage neutering and spaying of your pets. There are so many cats on the streets without people to hep. Why would you add to the ongoing problems. There are more and more everyday needing help and we haven't the capacity to help anymore with our waiting list already overflowing. These cats/kittens need rescued, vet care, spayed/neutered and a kind, caring home. We have 60+ cats in our care currently and costs ramp up quickly. Spaying/neutering a cat costs roughly £35 each incl. discount (depending on vet as our fosterers are based in different areas and attend different vets). With vaccinations, flea treatments, worming and microchipping as a standard, these costs can mount up.

If you can help with the costs, please help using the donation information at the bottom of our page.

Or text CLAS Paws to 70660 to pledge £3 a month. Food, litter, milk, wormers, etc are all welcome too!

Our lovely 6 year old staffie, Koba has been on our list for over 3 months now. Unfortunately due to his owners health, he isn't getting the same attention he is used to and they've made the difficult decision to rehome him to a family who can give him the attention he deserves. Koba is lovely, friendly dog. Good with children and okay with other dogs although introductions will be required for any children or dogs in the home.

He is a happy boy who enjoys attention but can be left out in the dog run for periods of time. Could you be the love and affection Koba desperately needs?



New home needed - 4 year old, great dog who adores kids, fully house trained and just looking for a home where she can get the care she needs. Unfortunately current home aren't able to provide the exercise and attention she needs.

If you'd like to put your name forward, please contact us at:

Check out all dogs seeking homes here

We have a number of beautiful horses and ponies who are looking for companion homes. Can you offer a home to a rescue, horse, pony or donkey? Each one is special in their own way, all are non ridden due to age or injury but that doesn't hold them back from being incredible companions, friends and yes 'field ornaments'! Not all are currently on site at the sanctuary but we would love to find them all new homes (or as many as we can) before the winter.

Please fill in an application form on our website; specify companion only and let us know what you are looking for. We may not have someone suitable but we have quite a selection. At present most people want ridden equines so these guys so often get overlooked.

All horses and ponies will only be rehomed after at least one meeting with the horse and following a home check.

Emily & Elijah have been working incredibly hard this past while to improve their chances of finding a home of their own.

The mother and son duo have been practicing their leading, their lifting of feet and their manners.

They would adore a family who would shower them with attention. Elijah would love a sensible (half mad) child of his own to torture (love). Emily enjoys quiet attention and often lets her son have all the attention. So, a parent child combo could be perfect for this parent and child combo! They are bigger donkeys with some specific requirements:

- An extra large stable for the two to be housed together if possible but provision for separation (2 stables) if required.

- Limited grazing / grass free turnout / track system?

We love them at the sanctuary and we will miss them when they find a home but they deserve a family who can give them all their extra time.


Our latest online stories...

Have a look at the beautiful Annie & Sidney, looking for a new home together. Could this be with you?

With the end of the Summer we thought we would recap on all that's happened this past 3 months!

Learn all about the reality of cat flu at the sanctuary as well as understanding how to deal with it if your cat is suffering.

Get Involved - September 2022 Volunteering Roles Whilst we are slow at getting new volunteers on the main yard with direct care of the animals in mind, we are actively searching for volunteers to assist with admin, fundraising, events, maintenance, publicity, press, and even photography!

Missy Hope - Misunderstood Read all about Missy's wonderful progression since her start with Crosskennan.

Companion Equines Seeking Homes Here at the sanctuary, we have a number of horses, ponies and donkeys that are unsuitable for riding due to age, medical conditions and other factors, but are still looking for their forever homes to be loved as a pet.


We Need A Dog Groomer What we need is a mobile groomer who is able to travel to the sanctuary once every 8-10 weeks to bathe and groom between 4-6 dogs in residence or recent rescues. We do not have the room for a groomer to set up in on our existing rooms/spaces which is why we need a groomer with a mobile set up/van set up. Usually we have 4 dogs needing a groom - but this can change depending on what dogs we have in from recent rescues who need grooming. We can accommodate any day of the week (with advance notice). If you cover the BT41 2QY area (about 3 miles from Antrim town centre), and have availability please get in touch. Payment will be made by bank transfer after each session (as dogs can change and we know costs vary per dog). Anymore information needed please email. Email


Donation of the Week Every Friday we have decided to post an appeal for something specific that will go towards helping our wonderful animals in care.

This week we have a need for: Help with our vet bills! Our August bills are coming in and we are so far over £2000 in vet bills in August (not all are in yet). For us August was a relatively quiet month - no real big emergencies or heavy treatments but it still all adds up and currently we have 149 (as of Friday 2nd) animals in our direct care (either on site or in foster but still covered for vet care through us). Some of last months bills included:

  • Vaccinations for 15 cats and kittens!

  • Passport marking charts and microchips for 4 equines!

  • Treatment for Hercules who developed a bad cough due to dust in the paddocks.

  • Treatment and check for Lucy who had another case of colic.

  • Regular thyroid treatment prescription for Thomas the 21 year old cat.

  • Microchips for 12 cats and kittens.

  • Eyedrops for Sophie the cat

  • Medication for 12 yo (approx) Tim the Collie

  • And various other check ups, prescriptions, call outs, etc.

So we are appealing to you all and if you can spare anything at all to help right now it would be very appreciated.

You can help with donations directly to the sanctuary - Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary, 26 Crosskennan Lane, Antrim, BT41 2QY

You can also help us directly with the Vet bills with direct donations to our vets - the main being Clare Vets in Ballyclare and Cedargrove Vets in Belfast. You can help pay off part of our bills or put some credit on our account! You can of course also donate online to help - Paypal People's Fundraising Just Giving Our Own Website

We really appreciate your support - and there are so many other ways you can help us help animals.

We can accept Food donations, toys (no stuffed toys or tennis balls please), bedding (blankets, towels, and sheets are welcome!), and we can recycle old lego, mobile phones and used stamps!


We're on the lookout - can you help?

Thank you for choosing to become part of Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary’s team. Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary is a registered Charity whose main aim is to provide a sanctuary for animals who have suffered abuse, neglect or have found themselves without a home. We also provide rescue, rehabilitation, training and advice to pet owners and the general public on training, welfare and general care. Through our Animal’s Helping People program we provide animal assisted therapeutic activities. Volunteers are essential for our service provision and we hope involvement with Crosskennan will offer you opportunities for your own personal development. Our current roles on offer:

Description Role: Press/Media Assistant Position: Voluntary Location: Remotely Time Commitment: Flexible Reports To: Main Admin

Purpose: As a Press/Media assistant you will be required to represent the sanctuary to the media, both reactive and proactively. You will respond to enquiries from journalists, write press releases, try to interest journalists in our stories and campaigns, arrange for spokespeople to speak to the press or speak to them directly yourself, and monitor media coverage.

You will help us raise awareness of the work we do, help animals get the help they need or raise awareness of the different welfare issues the sanctuary is facing. You will assist with promoting fundraising, events and rehoming stories; helping us raise funds and find homes for the animals in our care.

Main Responsibilities: - Check for and respond to media enquiries, correspond with journalists, answer queries. - Write press releases - Phone or email journalists to try to interest them in Crosskennan’s stories, work and potential features. - Proof-read and if necessary rewrite media statements. - Meet journalists and foster good relations with the media. - Write for Crosskennan’s website and social media pages.

Preferred Skills/Qualities: - Ability to work independently without close supervision, but open to asking for help and support. - Be able to write clearly, accurately and succinctly. - Good written english is essential. - IT and web savvy. - Good interpersonal skills - Able to cope with pressure and meet deadlines - Email knowledge is essential. - Experience of media and press is preferred.

Training and Support: You will have an induction to the organisation working closely with our Main Admin

Benefits: - Ongoing personal development. - Making a real difference to the sanctuary’s work and reach. - Gaining experience within journalism/media. - Experience working both independently and with a team.

To Apply: Please send a short covering letter to detailing your experience, fit with the role and why you want to volunteer with us.

Upon receipt of your application we will seek to arrange a short telephone/zoom interview or face-to-face meeting where we may ask for details.

Could you join us as a Maintenance Volunteer?

With over 150 animals on site annually on average, the sanctuary gets a lot of wear and tear.

This is why we need maintenance volunteers who are willing to come in and undertake DIY and associated tasks, such as sweeping the yard, strimming weeds, power washing, and cleaning the windows, doing runs to the dump etc.

Make a real difference to the lives of the animals in our care and enhance the experience for volunteers and visitors! For those who have skills and experience it is a great opportunity for us to open up some skill sharing!

This role will suit people who… enjoy variety, enjoy getting their hands dirty, like meeting people, have a friendly and helpful nature and like helping others and be part of a team.

Email if you can help!

**We have received a high volume of applicants for roles working on-site with the horses, cats and dogs. Due to this, we require more time than normal to induct, ieach of these individuals. With all this in mind, we're working around the clock to get through the applicants and hope to get back to you all very soon!**


Don't forget our upcoming Crosskennan Charity Dinner Dance this November to celebrate 25 years of saving lives. Celebrating the people who have helped and the animals they have saved!



Help us to help them!

Please, CLICK here to Make a Donation (PAYPAL)!

Make a one off donation on our website CLICK HERE!

Or you can send a donation via bank transfer to

Sort Code: 950202

Account Number: 31184288



If you want to get stuff delivered to us you post it directly to: Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary, 26 Crosskennan Lane, Ballynoe, Antrim, BT41 2QY

Or send us an email to to arrange a drop-off of donations!

Did you know you can send grocery deliveries to us too? Just let us know in advance, and you can do a ASDA, Tesco's, Sainsbury's Online delivery and get it dropped off at the sanctuary. We can make use of so much from your local supermarket, from fresh fruit and veg, to frozen peas and sweetcorn, fresh chicken, ham, liver, washing up powder/tablets, dish soap, bleach, disinfectant, toilet rolls, dog food, cat food, birdseed... The list could go on forever!

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