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Advent Appeal - Day 1

In the run-up to Christmas we know you are all busy - this year more than most perhaps with the chaotic nature of the year. We are launching our winter appeal alongside a new Advent Appeal!

Each day we will post about something that we need specifically - in some cases, this may be an urgent need - others may just be something we use a lot of!

Jodie and Niknak would like to ask their secret Santa’s for some more airways! They are running very low once again! This supplement helps keep their chests clear and keeps their breathing right. They don’t need as much in the summer as they aren’t spending so much time inside where it’s dustier - but it’s winter now and these older ladies need some help!

So we are reaching out to our wonderful supporters!

Can you help us to buy some for Jodie and Niknak?

They are £16 a bottle usually.

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