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Advent Appeal - Day 17,18,19

Day 17 of our Advent Appeal and Hercules has been checking Santa's bag for some more bedding for the barn. We've promised them for a long time we will get it all topped up for them all but it's a costly project.

We've raised some money and have had a little topped up in the front but the other areas haven't been redone in over 4 years now.

So Hercules has asked if we can do another appeal in the hopes that we can raise enough to do at least one more of the paddocks. Each paddock will cost between £400 and £600 each to do; but they do last a good long while and the horses, ponies and donkeys adore it for rolling and sleeping.


Day 18

We have 13 equines currently recieving Formula 4 Feet on the yard, including Emily and Elijah who have asked if they can have some more please. It is a brilliant feed supplement, aiding their hoof health as well as good for those who have laminitis in the past or are prone to it.

Emily and Elijah wondered if anyone could send some; especially since the four newbies are eating into their stash from the last appeal. They don't mind sharing with the others but it does mean things never last as long.

Formula 4 Feet can be bought online and delivered directly to the sanctuary; or if you can donate some money we can see about getting a couple of bags ordered.

Currently Emily, Elijah, Charles, New Mare, Ned, Denzel, Grace, Gabriel, Niknak, Shelley, Jess, Angel, and Blackie are all on the supplement - getting various amounts daily as to their weight; but we are going through (approximately) 1.2kg a day! It's our most used supplement due to nearly all the equines having some hoof issues on arrival.

A 20kg bag costs £85 and a 7kg bag costs £33. A 7kg bag will last just under a week.

If you can help, please send a donation!


Day 19 and it's coming from the little filly with no name at present. She arrived in with her mother and Edgar and Charles this month as part of a rescue. She is learning all about people and is so curious.

We've just introduced her to things slowly and this weekend she has discovered licks.

Now Lady did have an appeal for some lickits for our boredom breakers a couple of weeks ago we know, but this little filly wondered if she could have one in her paddock too and we only have two holders. Could someone send her one for her paddock; obviously it will be shared.

Cali heard about this appeal and has said she wouldn't be averse to one in her paddock either. lol She bounded over when she saw us filling one but unfortunately it wasn't for her paddock and we could only let her have it for a few minutes.

So the baby girls would love some lickit holders (and maybe some more apple flavour lickits and little Lickits!).


If you want to get stuff delivered to us you can get it posted direct to Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary, 26 Crosskennan Lane, Ballynoe, Antrim, BT41 2QY

Or send us an email to to arrange a drop off of donations!

Did you know you can send grocery deliveries to us too? Just let us know in advance, and you can do a ASDA, Tesco's, Sainsbury's Online delivery and get it dropped off at the sanctuary. We can make use of so much from your local supermarket, from fresh fruit and veg, to frozen peas and sweetcorn, fresh chicken, ham, liver, washing up powder/tablets, dish soap, bleach, disinfectant, toilet rolls, dog food, cat food, birdseed... The list could go on forever!

Countdown to Christmas with CLAS!

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