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Advent Appeal - Day 20

Day 20, it’s the last few sleeps before Christmas and today we have got another cat into an emergency foster home. It’s ongoing - with this year being our busiest for cats and kittens in all our years.

We were actually asked the other day why we bothered with the other animals, why we didn’t stick to being just a horse sanctuary. Answer is simple - because no matter how many people are out there helping; there is always more needing help.

We have many nervous, wild, and semi feral cats in residence at present. Some will never leave the sanctuary, some will find a new home. One thing we can be certain about though is that each one will need a vet. Whether it’s for spaying, neutering, vaccinations, health checks, or more specific vet treatments; all the cats that stay at the sanctuary will more than likely see a vet.

So on the twentieth day of our advent appeal we are asking for help to buy a new carrier. The large white mesh carriers are the best but we only have one and unfortunately that limits what animals we can take at a time, when we are getting groups of kittens done we often take litters all at once. Even taking the rabbits to be spayed we had to transport them in separate cages but we already had our main carrier away to the vets with a poorly cat; so we had to rely on the loan.

We have many crates but only one of that size and style that has the smaller mesh and the top full opening to make it easier to lift animals in and out. The larger size accommodates a couple of small cats or one larger one comfortably which makes the experience less stressful we have found as they don’t feel as constricted.

The carriers range in quality and price of £35 to £65. We want to buy just one to add on to the one we have. Cats like Seymour who has been to the vet at least 7 times since arriving during lockdown can attest to a good strong carrier!


If you want to get stuff delivered to us you can get it posted direct to Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary, 26 Crosskennan Lane, Ballynoe, Antrim, BT41 2QY

Or send us an email to to arrange a drop off of donations!

Did you know you can send grocery deliveries to us too? Just let us know in advance, and you can do a ASDA, Tesco's, Sainsbury's Online delivery and get it dropped off at the sanctuary. We can make use of so much from your local supermarket, from fresh fruit and veg, to frozen peas and sweetcorn, fresh chicken, ham, liver, washing up powder/tablets, dish soap, bleach, disinfectant, toilet rolls, dog food, cat food, birdseed... The list could go on forever!

Countdown to Christmas with CLAS!

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