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Advent Appeal - Day 9

Day 9 of our Advent appeal was supposed to be for the lovely Thomas the cat, but Stan has asked to be pushed in as a matter of urgency.

Many of you will know our lovely Stan, he has a lot of old injuries and problems with his joints and muscles. He's a happy boy pottering about the yard but at times he can be sore and last night he was incredibly sore, to the point he wouldn't let us remove his rug. A long process of Lyn coaxing him over and earning his trust was the only thing that allowed us to actually get the rug off. He was obviously uncomfortable and immediately perked up once the rug was out of sight.

Stan has always been rugged when the weather is very bad and has never had issues. Currently, his rug is of a poorer fit than he is used to and it appears to be hitting him in all his sore spots. We need to buy him a new rug to replace the old one that he had before that fit perfectly.

The rugs retail for between £60 - £110 depending on the style - the Horseware Amigo or Mio are the two that fit him the best and provide him that needed extra protection from the heavy biting downpours we've been experiencing these past few weeks.

Can you please help us buy him a new rug?

PS. we will fit Thomas' appeal in somewhere - and if we raise enough for the rug we will use the excess to buy Thomas what he asked for!

Countdown to Christmas with CLAS!

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