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Day 15 of our Ark Appeal and it’s Beth's turn.

Beautiful Beth was rescued along with 7 other ponies nine years ago. They had been abandoned and were running wild through glens and forests. It was an idyllic setting with very few people and little access. Unfortunately, the horses were in a very poor state, with severely overgrown hooves. Beth’s main issue was and still is her sweet-itch.

She has very bad sweet-itch and it is one of the reasons she’s never managed to hold onto a home; that and her moody mare attitude. Beth is still firmly rooted in those wild forests and she is forever playing hard to catch. She doesn’t share - with anyone and will boss even the biggest and baddest horses out of the way.

She’s in her later years of life and she is a permanent feature of the sanctuary now - we won’t say resident as she might take offense.

She’s a lovely pony but her sweet itch, age, and some other health issues leave her as one of our more expensive residents to care for.

It costs £3.73 a day to feed her and provide her with supplements and creams to ease her sweetitch. Can you help us raise 3 months worth of food for her - in total £335.70.

With the lockdown, we cannot run the same level of community fundraising which is why the ark appeal was launched to help combat the losses of donations. Your support can help us save lives.

We have over 100 animals to care for currently and without people's support, we will not be able to continue! We are financially walking a tightrope and we are determined to cross that finish line with everyone at our side - so please, share, comment, give, tag, and help us help them!

Please donate now to help animals at the sanctuary - send a Paypal donation to

Please remember to gift aid your donation if you can!

Learn more about Beth - visit our resident's pages!

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