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The 'Tail' of 5 orphaned pups - 10 years on!

Last weekend marked a very special occasion for everyone at Crosskennan as we hosted the 10th Birthday Party for 5 beautiful Collie dogs that had come into our care as orphans 10 years ago.

Lyn received a call asking for our assistance with some pups that were only a few days old. Their Mother had been killed in horrible circumstances and the fate of the pups now lay in Crosskennan’s hands. We immediately agreed to help but knew they had a long, hard road ahead of them and it would be a challenge to make sure we provided them with everything they would naturally have had from their Mum.

Ben - aged just 3 weeks old!

They required a lot of TLC, including bottle feeds every 2 hours, a constant source of heat until they could regulate their own body temperature and lots of cuddles to satisfy their need for maternal affection. Luckily all 5 pups survived and before long they had reached the stage of being able to eat solid food; their days consisted of playtime, cuddles, plenty of small feeds and even more naps!

They were totally oblivious to the tragedy that had blighted the start of their lives and were beginning to progress with their toilet training and socialisation with other animals and people.

Within a few weeks they were ready to rehome, but we knew we’d have to find extra special homes to trust with these precious little pups that we’d all become so attached to. It was very hard having to part with them, but one by one we found each of them a loving home with a family to call their own. We obviously kept in close contact with their new owners to make sure they continued to thrive away from their littermates and surrogate Mums.

Before long it was their 1st Birthday, and to celebrate, we invited all 5 pups and their owners up to Crosskennan for a very emotional reunion! It was so rewarding to see how much they’d grown up and how adored they were by their new owners.

Jake, Ben, Toby, Poppy and Mac had all landed firmly on their furry feet. We were delighted when just a few weeks ago Jake’s owner, Mary, got in touch to remind us that their 10th Birthday was coming up and suggested we have another reunion party to celebrate the extraordinary lives of all 5 dogs.

We loved the idea of being able to see them all together again after all this time, so with Mary’s help, their 10th Birthday Bonanza was organised complete with their very own special doggy birthday cake! It was an absolute delight seeing all 5 dogs together again – all having led healthy, happy and contented lives!

We’d like to thank Mary for helping to organise the day and their cake, and also thank each of the pups owners for taking the time to bring all 5 rascals back to the sanctuary to celebrate their landmark birthday together. We could not have hoped for a happier ending to their story!


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