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Equine's Looking for Homes!

Some of our Equines currently looking for adoption or foster homes.

Gwynedd Bay Welsh Pony 13hh 18 Gwynedd is a lovely welsh pony, in her late teens we know very little about her past other than she was cast aside and abandoned in a field, all her companions removed and her left and forgotten. She had been on her own for approximately a year before we were contacted and when we arrived to get her she was excited to see us; walking over to get her headcollar on and then loading onto the horse box. She had been left in a field with lots of rich grass and after a year she had gained a lot of weight, her feet had been overgrown, and truthfully we didn’t know how she would cope with recovery. She’s a strong girl though and since first meeting us she has taken everything in her stride, from meeting the dentist to getting her feet trimmed and working on her exercise and diet plan. She has begun her assessment for riding and we believe she will come back into work well. She will need some time to build herself up and lose weight but someone able to work with her can help her accomplish those things. Providing her with the exercise, time, and work needed to get her fit.

Diana Grey 11hh 25 Diana was dumped without care or thought for her or for any road users. Dumped on the road side and left to run loose. She was in and out of land and on the road for weeks before we were asked to step in and lift her. She was nervous but ready. She loaded herself onto the horsebox alongside another and on arrival to the sanctuary settled in like she’d always been a part of it. She is estimated to be in her mid twenties but you wouldn’t know it to look at her. Her one issue is her teeth, left without treatment for so long she had a lot of damage that is in the process of being corrected. She is slow to eat and often has to be separated to get her dinner.

She has had experience of leading and potentially riding but we have no solid history on her and as yet haven’t completed her assessment. She would need someone confident.

Poppy Piebald To Make 13hh 2 yo Poppy was dumped on the side of the road, along with the much older Diana. Poppy is only 2 years old and has lots to learn, after being dumped on the side of the road and chased from one spot to another she’s had a mixed experience with people. She head collars and leads and with only a little encouragement lead on and off the horsebox when we collected her. She is learning everything new though and at her age is very curious about absolutely everything. She needs a home that can teach her the basics and work with her so she learns the boundaries and what is accepted. We expect her to make 13hh and she will make a stunning pony for anyone.

Nora Chestnutt 11hh 3yo - TBC Nora was dumped in a forest and survived there with her friend for over 2 years. She lived off what was there and what members of the public brought her. With it all she and her friend gained a lot of weight and when the sanctuary became aware of them they were both laminitic. Nora was very nervous of people, even with food offered. She kept her distance and would spook easily. Since arriving at the sanctuary she has grown in confidence and can be caught, headcollars and led. She is coming around well to being groomed and petted and will often now seek out a little attention. She is still a quiet mare and latches onto whoever is around to hide behind if she gets nervous in new situations. She is still quite young and will have someone with a little time to spend with her and build a bond. At present Nora is looking for a home, either long term or short term, where she can go out, have some time with people and learn more. We suspect she is pregnant but as yet this is not confirmed. We therefore would like a home for her where she would be ideally able to have her foal safely and wean it.

Robyn Bay/Roan To Make 13hh 1 yo Robyn is quite famous on our page, after being rescued in the middle of winter of the Mourne Mountains, days away from dying from starvation. She was rescued alongside Cyril the Donkey and although their relationship is very sweet it is not ideal for them as they have different needs and drastically different ages. Robyn needs a home where she can continue to grow. She is only a yearling and we estimate she will make around 13hh. She is a lovely pony, very fine and gentle in nature. She can be nervous of new people and things and will need a home that is willing to give her the time to grow in confidence and mature.

Martha Bay 14.3hh 9 yo Martha is approximately 9 years old and 14.3hh. She is a very sweet natured mare. At present she is in assessment as we suspect she is lame. She is looking for a companion only home, ideally alongside her sister Sadie.

Sadie Bay 14.1hh 7 yo Sadie is approximately 7 years old and 14.1hh. She is a lovely bay mare with a white stripe. She has sweet itch but it’s managed well at the sanctuary. She has a lovely gentle nature and although not fully assessed yet we believe she will go into work easily. She is looking for a home where she can continue her training for riding, ideally alongside her sister Martha.

Olive Dark Bay Shetland 11hh 6 yo Olive is a lovely young pony with a curious and playful personality. She leads well and does lift her feet although will need further handling. She is a real character who enjoys playing and being groomed. She is very protective of her food. Olive will be rehomed as a non ridden companion only due to a bad stifle injury.

Emily & Elijah Donkey 14hh 14yo and 9 yo Both donkeys will need a home together with someone experienced with horses, donkeys, or both. The home must be patient and willing to continue their training after leaving the sanctuary. Limited grazing will be needed - ideally a track system if possible to encourage movement, helping with the loss of the additional weight that they carry. Emily (lighter mare) has a more subdued temperament, only concerned whenever she cannot reach Elijah, unhappy when she can see but not reach him. She is a polite donkey who would be content with or without human attention. Elijah (darker gelding) is a very curious Donkey. He will meddle with anything new in his environment. Very mentally active and quick to learn forms of enrichment would be very beneficial. Both lead well-using body language and vocal cues - ‘walk-on’ and ‘Woah’. Very responsive and getting more so with each session. Whoever was to rehome them would be expected to continue their training and handling.

Jodie and Sanza Skewbald and Piebald 14.2hh 22 yo and 20 yo Jodie was paired up with Sanza and like everything else Jodie does, she took it all in her stride. She is not sound for riding but could lead a small child around. Jodie has a dust allergy and has a sensitive stomach with food changes. Ideally, she needs to live out with an open shelter. Jodie adores a little fuss and attention and is always on the lookout for her next 'buddy'. Sanza doesn't mix well with other horses but gets along with Jodie thanks to the older mares' mellow temperament. She does love attention and fuss though and enjoys grooming. Like Jodie, she isn't sound but could be used for setting a small child on her back. Both mares must be rehomed together and must go to a five star home. They would be perfect as a pair of wonderful ponies for the grandchildren to fuss around.

Lady Bay 17yo 14hh Lady is a lovely sweet natured pony, first rescued in 2013 as part of a larger welfare case she has been in a couple of homes and subsequently been returned through no fault of her own. She is prone to weight gain and lameness and as a result and through a lameness test with the vet she has been ruled out of riding. So she is need of a loving home as a companion only. She is very happy being a field ornament as long as she has someone with her. She doesn’t need a lot of grazing and is very well behaved for the vet, farrier, dentist, etc. She lead and loads well and does everything you would want for a companion pony.

Angel Clydesdale 16hh 16yo Angel is in need of a foster home with grazing to help progress her weight gain. She needs a home where she can be turned out as much as possible on clean grass. Grazing doesn’t need to be expansive but full turnout is a requirement. Unfortunately Angel is not horse friendly, especially with shetlands and small ponies. So she will need to be turned out on her own, potentially with a friend over the fence but not in the same paddock. She is still undergoing daily care and other than her need for grazing we would keep her on-site. Unfortunately, we have no grazing for her. So any foster home needs to be prepared to work with her daily, providing treatment to her legs. Costs of treatments will be covered and a full breakdown of what is needed will be explained. She stands well for her treatments and leads well. She does need someone experienced with bigger horses.

We have a couple more ponies who will potentially be seeking homes in the future but at present, this is our exhaustive list.

Please check out our website for more information about the adoption process and to apply to adopt any of these equines.

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