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Footsore - Lucas and Blackie

Lucas and Blackie are two of the best known faces on the yard, both are older gentlemen in their twenties, both have a habit of not acting their age, and both have foot problems. Mainly they have both got very soft feet prone to crumbling and abscesses. We use solution 4 feet help strengthen them while disinfecting.

If you can help buy some for them we’d be really grateful - it costs approximately £25 (19.99+4.95 postage) and lasts well over a month depending on how often they have flare ups. One issue we are finding is the availability of the product - with nearly all suppliers sold out; which is why we are so desperate to buy when we find some.

We are running really low but cash is tight and we are focusing all sponsorships and general donations on food and vet bills - which is quite naturally rising with new rescues and returning animals.

So supplements and things like this get set aside unless we can raise the additional funds. Things like this help animals to have a good life - free of unnecessary pain or injuries; which is all we want!

So if you can help us out, please donate. You can donate directly by PayPal to or by Visiting our help page online -

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