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Fundraising Meeting to Help Rescue Animals


We are opening to everyone to attend and tea/coffee will be provided. Everyone is welcome, all you need is ideas and a passion and willingness to make those ideas happen!

It's important that you are able to not only bring ideas but take them forward. We have lots of ideas but not necessarily the manpower to take things forward so if you have ideas and the ability to make them happen then you are are just who we need!

We know not everyone will be able to make the evening but if you do have ideas, or thoughts about how you can help please email and we will add your ideas on the night!

Can you help us keep the gates open?

We have lots of ideas but we really need help! We are a stretched team and as much as we are doing we are not able to do enough. We need help.

Even if you can't make the meeting perhaps you can sign up to help. Maybe you have an idea and the time to put it into action.

Perhaps your work can take a collection box, maybe you can arrange a coffee morning, or quiz night?

We have ideas, we love more, but what we really need is manpower. People who can help!

Email if you would like to help, or even to find out more.

Other ways to help

There are couple of other ways you can help - even if ideas and organising aren't your thing. We are looking for help in all areas of Northern Ireland and it doesn't have to be a big commitment.

Learn more about fundraising here on our website -

Sign up to be a local fundraising volunteer or even sign up to take a collection box for your home or business.

If you would like more information in getting involved please email

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