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REMINDER! Fundraising Volunteer Meeting to Help Rescue Animals

Just a quick reminder this rainy bank holiday Monday that we need your help! We would love for you to join us at our Fundraising Volunteer Meeting, helping us to help more rescue Animals in Northern Ireland.

We are having our first OPEN fundraising meeting of the year at the sanctuary tomorrow evening; Tuesday 9th May at 6:30pm. Don't worry if you will be a little late; animals never keep to the schedule!

Can you help us keep the gates open?

We have lots of ideas but we really need help! We are a stretched team and as much as we are doing we are not able to do enough. We need help.

Even if you can't make the meeting perhaps you can sign up to help. Maybe you have an idea and the time to put it into action.

Perhaps your work can take a collection box, maybe you can arrange a coffee morning, or quiz night?

We have ideas, we love more, but what we really need is manpower. People who can help!

Email if you would like to help, or even to find out more.

If you are planning to come along please hit the Register Now button so we can get a better idea of numbers!

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