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Help us Buy Land!

We are truly looking at a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Land has just gone up for sale around the corner from the sanctuary.

Its probably a long shot - but we have to ask. At the moment the sanctuary has approximately 3 acres of grazing. For over 50 equines! We have over 30,000 followers on Facebook - if each person could give £3 we could afford to buy this, massive to us, 17 acreage plot! Perfect for turnout, grazing, exercise, and so close that we can keep an eye.

It truly is a once in a lifetime for us and when one of our volunteers saw the sign coming in to the sanctuary on Saturday - well its got everyone dreaming!

We have been completely blown away by the support from our amazing community! We have reached out to the estate agents handling the sale to express our interest and explain our need for fundraising.

We hit 10% of our target today! That's £10,000!

This truly is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us to have land of our own, to be able to turn out some of our herds in bigger space.

We posted about the land on Saturday night on facebook as a half joke; we honestly saw it as an impossible dream. But one we thought we would share with you all.

In the time it took myself to drive home from the sanctuary over 100 of you had pledged to donate to the purchase and shared over 200 times!

Since then we have had over 860 individual donations!

In just 40 hours you have generated over 10k in donations to help us buy this land!

We are asking now if anyone can help us share the word about the appeal more? Do you have connections who can help get the word out?

At present we have over 50 equines at the sanctuary; and while some of these are not suitable for going onto new grazing, there are many who would benefit greatly. What the land will mean too is when we take in new rescues, especially those who need feeding up but monitoring we will have our own resources.

With more grazing, means less feed bills, less mucking out if horses are turned out more. Yes there will be more fencing and land to maintain and it's not land directly at the sanctuary (approximately a 20 minute walk) but honestly, we've never seen land go up for sale around us, and definately nothing within an achievable price range.

We are so grateful to everyone who is supporting us to try and achieve this dream.

And if you can, please donate, share, etc. and help us buy land!

If you can help - or would like to follow the fundraiser - this is the direct link! <3

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