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Itchy Horses... Fly Season In Full Force!

We use Bio Capsules for our horses and Ponies who have sweet itch. Sweet itch or Summer Seasonal Recurrent Dermatitis (SSRD) is a disease of the immune system that can affect all breeds and types of horses, ponies, and donkeys. It is caused initially by an allergic reaction to midge bites, the horse’s immune system reacts to a protein in the midge’s saliva which causes the immune system to attack its own cells and leads to the extreme allergic reaction. Therefore, horses prone to sweet itch can be most commonly affected from March – November when biting flies, such as midges, are most active.  

We have a number of horses and ponies who suffer with sweet itch, including Lady the pony who was so badly affected when she was first rescued she had rubbed her mane and tail and other areas completely raw trying to scratch herself in relief. We use a mixture of rugs, creams, sprays and feeding supplements to help treat and try and prevent the bugs from biting! 

Tinny, Forza, Lady, and Beth are just some of our horses and ponies who get these capsules to help during the time of the year when midges and other biting insects are most prevalent. 

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