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Kitten Season!

Kitten season has sprung at the sanctuary. We have so far this year taken in one mother cat and her kittens who are thankfully being fostered. Another kitten came in on his own and was quickly swept up by staff member Debbie, she was only taking him home for fostering but Debbie has a bit of a track record here at the sanctuary!

On Tuesday 28th we had another load of kittens arrive. This lot was sadly in a worse shape than the previous few. They had been found suckling from their mother who had sadly passed away. The rescuer quickly scooped them up and drove them straight to us. Five more little mouths to feed. These little ones have been estimated to be around 4-5 weeks old and thankfully seem to be in decent health.

If you can help us continue to care for the many mouths at the sanctuary, please donate!

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