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Lockdown Diary

Day 4 of Lockdown

“Today we practiced our social distancing. We have been told that it’s 6 feet between people which is just a little taller than average people so we are taking recommendations that pony distance should be just a little taller than your average pony.

Basically, if you're within in kicking range you're too close. Of course, then the hoomans told us; after all our hard-work calculating safe distancing; that nonessentials have to stay home - well what would you call us? Technically we always stay home? Oh, life is so confusing at the moment - but one thing we are certain of - stay at home - and if you do have to go out - keep your distance! We can’t risk our hoomans getting sick and not being here to fill our buckets with water and hay so we can spill it all over the floor...

Uh, so Blackie, Olive and Oliver learning for today - stay home, stay out of kicking range and bring us more hay!”

Blackie, Olive and Oliver. (The good, the bad and the ugly?) 🤗😉🐴🐴🐴

Donate £10 to buy some hay for Blackie, Olive and Oliver!

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