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Lockdown Diary

Day 3 of lockdown

“Yesterday I got a promotion to chief food inspector. With more people working from home a pony needs to pull his weight around the yard. Our staff had to go and pick up food and bedding with their own vehicle and horsebox because we couldn’t get deliveries.

Thankfully we can still get food! If only we had some awesome people who could help us buy all the food? - oh no, not all, just what we need at this moment because buying all the food is bad too. We must share and help each other out. Okay, I must cancel my order of 1 million carrots. Darn it!

Learning from the day - people are awesome; don’t overbuy, just but what you need; and ponies are also awesome (But I bet you already knew that!)”

Blaine (the best food inspector in all of the world!)

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