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Lockdown Diary

Day 7 of Lockdown

“Dear diary, and whoever may be snooping! Today I’ve made the decision to stay in my PJs permanently at least for the foreseeable - and that’s not just because it’s Monday. What’s the point of getting dressed when I can’t go anywhere? I’m so bored at home all day! I’m so restricted - these silly rules.

What more, staff keep giving me funny looks when they deliver my food. You know, I reckon they’re just jealous cause they can’t lie about at home with their jammies on!

Wow, I suppose I’m rather lucky I get to stay home - even though I can’t do everything I want to do. I get to lie in my bed, wear my jammies all day, and they bring the food to me.

My learning for today, be thankful for the small things - like permanent pyjama days. And be thankful for the big things - like all the people who are going to work and saving lives and providing food and delivering things we need. Yeah, I suppose staying home helps them and they need our help and support. So my learning - stay at home so they can work!”

Blackie (the wise old man)

Donate £10 to buy some hay for Blackie, Olive and Oliver!

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