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Lockdown Diary

Lockdown Diary - Day that is supposed to be a holiday and a party but we are all stuck at home?

“Well, lookie at what I got! I new house for napping out of the sun! Alby built it just for me! Isn’t it cool? And it’s got a green roof just like the grass and the Crosskennan Logo!

I used to live with hundreds of birds before I came to the sanctuary, but then I only lived with a few and now I have a home all of my own - but I can still see Bart next door and I like crowing over to Beryl and Bertha in the nest!

So life is good. I don’t know much about lockdown other than my helpers seem to have reduced and I don’t get as many fresh fruits and veg - but it’s okay, I’m on a diet - Alfie and Giles next door aren’t as easy listened to - all they go on about is how they have faster metabolisms and need to eat more and how they are so active and so burn more calories. Well, I have one thing to say to them - stay home and you’ll get fat like me!

Only joking; activity is good for you: Bart and I are making sure to do a loop of the block (whilst social distancing of course) each day and honestly I feel great. My joints are a little stiff but the diet is helping.

So my learning for today is that food is good, in moderation, exercise is good, in moderation, but being at home where your safe is the best and having a home to call your own is the bestest!

Stay safe people out there!”

Bruce (Our first Broiler home owner!)

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