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New Sanctuary Friend.

Here at the sanctuary we are always open to making new friends and connections. In March this year we received an email that created a new friendship. Here are Linda's own words.

Coming over to Bangor, North Ireland one of the things I really wanted to do was helping out at an animal sanctuary. They aim to find homes for the animals they give shelter. But most have bad experiences and are in one way or another traumatized. They need a lot of care and love before they are ready to out into the world.
At Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary in Antrim they get good shelters, paddock, feed and lots of companions. They get veterinary care and supplements, if they need them, to get them back on track. They get love and attention to gain their trust back. But there are only so many hours in a day to take care of all the animals entrusted in their care. It takes lots of hours and volunteers to keep everything up and running.
When I went over there in the beginning of July I was impressed. Everything is well cared for and more importantly safe. Good fencing, paddocks, fields, stables and animals you can see are well cared for. Working with these guys to help them become happier horses and ponies would be so rewarding.
And I am happy to say that from now on I will be at their sanctuary every Wednesday to dedicate my time and knowledge. To be able to work with these horses and ponies one-on-one is wonderful. They all have their own history and personality and I can tailor to their needs.
Take Darcy, a lovey Skewbald mare of 8 years old. Very friendly and trusting but she really has never been handled so she has lots to learn.
Or Patch who has been ridden and been to shows, but has lost confidence and became difficult to handle. For him it is all about gaining trust.
So from now on I will write about my encounters with the residents of Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary. 

You can follow Linda's work on her website here -

Linda working with Patch and Darcy, and Mabel after a session.

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