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Pet Peeves!

What’s your biggest “pet“ peeves?

We have been conducting a survey of our CLAS residents biggest pet peeves. We are sure you have some yourself? Or your own pets? Do you have a cat that is into interior design - or a dog that has such a social life that walks in the park take 10 times longer than it should?

What would your pets say about you?

Our lovely and “aDORAble” Dora has a number of pet peeves. Her biggest being peoples insistence that she go on walks and (horror) sometimes in the rain!

People always have to be in such a rush! I mean really, what ever happened to taking a moment to smell the flowers! It’s all this way, that way, “come on Dora walkies!”. Well I have to say this, what makes exercise and running around so good for you? I can quite honestly say I have yet to find myself injured when staying safe, warm, and cosy in my bed. My new years resolution is to take less walks!

Well, we suppose theres no arguing with that! Back to the drawing board on ways to get Dora interested in exercise!

Then you have Sorely, he doesn’t have time for the young chaps around the yard.

Bunch of posers if you ask me! The lot of them! All acting big and hard but they are nothing but geldings! If I was a little younger and a little closer I’d show them what‘s what! Hey, that’s not a half bad idea. Open that there gate and let me at them - I can still take them! I can take them all! Look at them Cushing up to the two leggeds. Ha! No two legged will ever get the better of... oh my goodness me, does she have an apple in her pocket? Yoo hoo! Two legged - wanna be friends?

Our Sorely is a sweet old gent really, and can bribed by apples and carrots - as long as we don‘t tell his secret to the silly old geldings on the yard. He’s got a reputation to uphold as our one and only Stallion after all!

BP is another matter entirely when it comes to pet peeves - he hates everyone equally!

This younguns just need some firm guidance and the humans need kept in line too. Can’t abide Laziness. Nope, I‘ve been keeping my eye on the yard from my castle (cabin) and I must say these horses are a lazy lot. All they do is eat and poo and stand around. Oh, yes, a few of them will have a game or two but they are rudimentary at best. Their paws don’t even have any claws on them - and they are terrible climbers. The birds are noisy and the dogs... well, don’t get me Started on the dogs. They are noisy stupid beasts with slobbering mouths and completely no rythmn when they walk - when they do walk. Most of the time they bound around like their tail is on fire and stick their nose into places noses shouldn't go. Quite unseemly if you ask me.

Its like a voice from on high when BP speaks. If you don’t listen he may smite you!

But, seriously, we Love him to bits - and ironically that’s how he likes us too - in bits!

Stopping into the office to compile our findings Is where we’re cornered by Ernie who demanded his voice to be heard. Of course many will know Ernie from his television days (you know those 10 seconds he was interviewed for the BBC). He never let the fame go to his head ofcourse.

At 8 o’clock sharp my breakfast arrives - at least it should arrive but it is most commonly a minute and a half late, you just cannot get the staff these days. Breakfast Is satisfactorily, although I must share my meals with two of the felines which I’m prety sure was not agreed in my contract. I have tried to speak to the manager but obviously im not shouting loud enough. I used to have to share with other birds - can you imagine the horror? - but the staff soon recognised my brilliance. I moved into a charming log cabin but quite honestly my roommates were just not of my caliber and I requested a single suite of rooms. It would seem there are too many animals around here as I have yet to receive my single suite and am currently sharing with two hairy beasts the staff affectionately call Twinkle and Missy. I plan to throw a small strike in the future to make my demands known. To best allow for my demands to be felt I will not be publicizing my strike until the moment of - so as to better dramatize my performance.

From Ernie’s little speech we made an assumption that his pet peeve is not getting his own way - or all of the attention. Poor chap. He quite graciously added -

If anyone would like an Autograph or a meet a greet they should speak with my agent. They handle all of my public speaking events - I always, of course, bring the house down when I break into song!

We could share more, in fact Ernie is still chattering away and BP is probably still scowling peevishly at being interrupted. We think that’s enough from

us though - instead we would love to hear what your animals think? Have they got trouble with their roommates or of employing staff? Perhaps dinner is never on time or when it arrives it’s absolutely not what they ordered?

Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear if there are any other Sorelys or Doras out there!

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