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Pets For Pensioners

Cat Cuddles, and Horse Hugs at Crosskenann. Book in for a few hours of one on one with some of the sanctuaries residents.

Here at the sanctuary we understand many people cannot keep pets of their own, for many and varied reasons. We get a lot of calls from older people and people with ill health who need to rehome their pets. It can be devasting for everyone involved.

Do you know someone who would benefit from some time spent with animals? We know many older people end up in nursing homes and have to give up their pets as a result. We visit homes when possible but we cannot always get out ourselves so we are inviting you in!

This summer we are offering older people who cannot have a pet of their own a chance to just be with animals for a few hours. Whether it is walking, grooming, petting etc.

Due to financial and time constraints we cannot invite everyone along. The sessions are pre book only and we ask that you specify your chosen animal at booking so we can manage numbers. Each attendee can bring one guest (carer/family member/friend/etc.) only. Any extra attendees must be booked as extras.

We will be open the following dates for people to attend; Thursday 4th July 1-3pm Saturday 20th July 11-1pm & 1-3pm Thursday 25th July 1-3pm

Although we have specifically mentioned older people, we are aware that there a many people who have had to give up pets because of health too. We are limiting access to people who are usually restricted access to animals only so they can get the most benefit.

Keep an eye on our events page for upcoming open days and events where you can all get involved!

More dates will be added for August pending the attendance and interest.

We have to limit numbers for safety. We know not everyone will be able to secure a place or will not be able to attend any of the dates but depending on interest we will be adding more dates hopefully.

You can either book tickets through our website here or email for more information.

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