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Rehome Me! Emily and Elijah

Both donkeys will need a home together with someone experienced with horses, donkeys, or both. The home must be patient and willing to continue their training after leaving the sanctuary.

Limited grazing will be needed - ideally a track system if possible to encourage movement, helping with the loss of the additional weight that they carry.

Emily (lighter mare) has a more subdued temperament, only concerned whenever she cannot reach Elijah, unhappy when she can see but not reach him. She is a polite donkey who would be content with or without human attention.

Elijah (darker gelding) is a very curious Donkey. He will meddle with anything new in his environment. Very mentally active and quick to learn forms of enrichment would be very beneficial.

Both leading well-using body language and vocal cues - ‘walk-on’ and ‘Woah’. Very responsive and getting more so with each session.

Whoever was to rehome them would be expected to continue their training and handling.


To apply CLICK HERE to go to the adoption page!

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