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Rehome Me! Tilly

Tilly enjoys spending time with Olive so the pair would be happy to be rehomed as a pair! Tilly arrived with us when her owner surrendered her, unable to meet her needs any longer and hoping to give her the best chance in life. She is approximately 10-12 years old and is quite a trouble maker. She loves to explore, to escape, and to play.

She will follow you everywhere given the chance; unless you've left a gate open of course. Open gates are like neon signs for free carrots to our Tilly - she's a moth to the flame. If she's loose on the yard you have to be very careful not to leave any gates ajar or she will be right in.

She is a little picky with her friends but time usually is all she needs. Right now she is besotted with our older shetland NikNak and is often found wherever the elder happens to be.

She has fear of being enclosed, we aren't sure of the trigger, but if she is found to be enclosed in a stable she will do whatever she can to escape the confinement to the point of injury. If there is a fence she can limbo she will, if there is a gate ajar she will aid its opening.

She is such a trouble maker - but we love her to bits! She has a habit of stopping in a spot when you are trying to move a wheelbarrow, the quad or jeep and she will not move for anything. She just stands and looks at you until you physically move her out of the way.

Tilly has had laminitis in the past so we are very careful about her feeding; and her turnout on the grass.

We would love to find her a home where she can have some people of her own to spoil her.


To apply CLICK HERE to go to the adoption page!

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