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Seymour Saved

We got a call about a stray cat with an injured tail and multiple cuts and abrasions. That call led to us needing to source a cat trap, get a member of the public to trap the cat, and transport him to a vet, for us to collect from the vet and get him to the sanctuary. Lockdown has affected us in ways we don't often think about.

In normal situations, we would just jump in the car and go and get what is needed ourselves, but with lockdown, we don't have anyone to spare. Our volunteer numbers are down and our staff hours have been cut to try and save money where we can.

This is why we are so grateful to the members of the public who share their support in these difficult times.

Seymour, as he was named on arrival, is a lovely boy; who has now been neutered and his wounds tended to. He had a small ear infection which we are treating and is getting eye drops too.

On arrival, he was very nervous and agitated but quickly settled into a bit of pampering and gets excited for his nightly groom and is always ready to be tucked into bed.

We are hoping that he will shortly be able to find a home of his own where his pampering and care will continue - just as he deserves!

If you can help us care for Seymour and cover the costs of his vet bills please consider making a donation!

You can make a one off donation or sign up for our new vet sponsorship for only £3 every other week! This money will be invaluable in helping us provide neccessary vet procedures and medicines!



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