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Spot - A Farewell

It is with a sad heart that we bring the news of the death of Spot, a long-term resident at the sanctuary, following a short illness. Spot came to us about 14 years ago after his owner managed to escape from an abusive marriage and wanted to make sure Spot had a place of safety as well. He was one of those dogs animal sanctuaries dread, the almost impossible to re-home. Due to his uncertain temperament and lack of socialisation with other dogs, he was passed over time and again.

We noticed a few days ago that Spot wasn’t his usual self and when he started to go off his food we took him over to Cedar Grove Vets in Belfast. Sadly his condition deteriorated rapidly and following a scan which revealed a lot of inflammation and infection relating to his pancreas the vet recommended euthanasia.

Spot was an elderly dog, about 17 years old, and we felt that it would have been unfair to pursue further tests and treatment when the vet wasn’t confident of a positive outcome.

He has been a part of Crosskennan for so long it is going to be very hard to adapt to life without him. He was first out of the kennels in the morning and he knew the routine so well. His day started early and ended usually well after midnight. He enjoyed rambling about the yard and through our recently dog-proofed fields and he was very content sitting in the sun under the trees.

In many ways it is the end of an era and he will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

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