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Summer Open Day 2016

We would like to thank all their supporters, both two and four-legged, who made Saturday 30th July's Open Day such an amazing success.

This event raised just over £2,000, all of which will go directly towards the upkeep of the the many rescue horses, dogs, cats and chickens currently in residence at the sanctuary.

CLAS would also like to thank all those who provided raffle prizes and the various stall holders who hired a pitch on the day and all the volunteers who offered their assistance, before during and after the event, as the mammoth preparations, supervision and subsequent clear-up operation, would not have been possible without their input.

Thanks also to Carol Workman, Jordan and Megan Fraser for their photographic contributions, the face-painting and pony ride and grooming teams, Jim and Ronnie for the musical entertainment and to William Stirlingfor the use of his adjacent field as a much needed car-parking facility.

The Open Day was not only a financial success but the Sanctuary had many offers of assistance with the vital training and rehabilitation work required by some of the horses to enhance their re-homing prospects.

Many visitors offered their help with ongoing #DIY maintenance and repair work and of course with mucking-out, grooming, dog-walking and the myriad tasks involved in the successful running of this unique facility.

On behalf of each and every one of the very special animals who will be the sole beneficiaries of this overwhelming display of public generosity and we at #Crosskennan thank you once again.

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