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We're Hiring!

Crosskennan are currently looking to recruit hardworking and dedicated individuals to join our team. The yard team member needs to be passionate about animals, as well as having relevant experience; working with equines and other animals. The work is labor intensive, repeditive and outdoors. The applicant must be flexible in working hours and be willing to work weekends.

Everyday our staff go above and beyond to try and work with the amount of animals that call the sanctuary home, no matter how briefly. We hope we can all agree that we all have the animals at forefront in our minds and we all want the best quality of life we can give for them. This means long hours and physical repeditive work.

So... Why on earth would anyone sign up for that?

"I love being around the animals and seeing their different personalities and small achievements of getting them to trust you, or coming to you when they are called. You try and do all you can to make their day better. Seeing a horse go from a terrified wreck to loving and trustful is a an honor to witness. Sharing the journey with them as they move from being a pony you can't even look at to one that runs to greet you in the morning and calls across the yard when you have food. It's the small things sometimes too, like finding that perfect spot where they love to be scratched."

Current Staff Member

We want the best candidate for the job so we are being as honest as we can be...

- This is very physical work, from mucking out, handling horses and ponies, grooming, feeding, health checks etc.

- We are only a small team but we are caring for over 40 equines currently as well as many smaller animals, including dogs, cats, hens, ducks, etc.

- You will have to work with both the staff team and the volunteers and report to the Sanctuary Manager.

- All of our animals are rescued and many have behavioural problems left over from previous homes; anyone applying ideally needs to have experience working with equines at a minimum.


If interested please read over job description and fill in an application form.

Please attach any further information you feel relevant as a cover. Thank you.

Email a completed application form as well as a copy of you CV to the

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Crosskennan News
Crosskennan News
May 19, 2019

Hi Ashley! We are working through all applications, it can take time as our office is only manned part time and not at weekends. We also are receiving a large number of applications. We appreciate your patience at this time.


I have emailed cv an application form but no response

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