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Why I work with Crosskennan!

Since July of this year I have been working at Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary with some of their horses and ponies. I choose them because they have a good and organized yard and all the animals are looked after with loads of love and care. In such an environment it will really pay off if I can helpwith body work and basic training.

Linda working with Stan at the Sanctuary in July

I know the animals are checked over by a vet when they come in and already receive medical care and supplements if any are needed. My work as an equine bodyworker is to help them heal further. I work on a physical level as well as mentally and emotionally. They get more relaxed, less anxious and start to gain confidence.

Working with these guys is so rewarding!

To help with the rehoming I also help them with their basic skills set how to interact with humans.Their past experiences might not always been very good ones as you might understand. I need to start with gaining their trust, from that respect will come naturally. Leading them around and giving them more responsibility helps their self-confidence. Giving them more body awareness, helping them with their balance are all part of the training.

At Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary they select which horses and ponies will benefit the most from my work with them. They make room in an indoor

arena when it rains or for more advanced schooling. I am grateful to have been able to join up with them to help the horses and ponies.


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