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Advent Appeal - Day 2

Uh-oh - our black beauties in the cat shed have gone and wrecked their cat tree completely! We’ve cleaned it and disinfected it and patched it up - but it’s a goner!

They used to have two large trees and now they have none! To be fair they were donated to the kitties over 3 years ago and have been jumped on, knocked over, thrown up on, pooped on, and scratched and chewed with great ferocity!

We would love to be able to replace just one of these trees before Christmas!

Betty, Bernie, Babs, Beckie, Bonnie, Belle, and Brooke would be ever so grateful! They’ve put in a request that it has lots of scratching points and a couple of hideaway bits so the nervous of the girls can hide when volunteers are in cleaning! They aren’t a demanding lot really, letting the youngsters steal the spotlight most often, but they deserve this!

As you can see Babs has taken the loss of the tree hard!

We only have a couple of requests with the trees - that they are ideally narrower on the base so that we can move around as their area doesn’t have a lot of floor space (another reason these trees are so loved!)

If we raise enough we will get these girls one (or two) and the old girls next door a new bed too!

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