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Advent Appeal - Day 7

Day 7 of our Advent Appeal - Countdown to Christmas and it's the cats who are putting in a request. Some the cats - and some of the dogs, and even some of the birds!

Basically all the small animals!

We use snugglesafe microwave heatpads for any sickly pets or any animals who have trouble with their heating systems or just for those who are in some of the colder areas of the sanctuary; just to make their beds that little more enticing.

Unfortunately we've had a few get damaged and split and are down to a single heat pad now. They are so handy and easy to use and retain heat for between 8 to 10 hours and honestly sometimes beyond!

The Older rescues like Thomas and Seymour love these in their beds and will only get in when we've put their pad in under their blankets. Unfortunately like we said, we are down to one so Thomas is currently going without.

Elva the dog also loves the heat pad, she can get so cold and it doesn't help her stiff and sore joints either. She is often found hugging the radiator beside her bed but sometimes we pop the heat pad in for her to give her a little extra and she settles in immediately, content and warm and happy.

The hens also get use when they are sick and Little Nell was getting a heat pad when she first came in as she was struggling so much. Thankfully she doesn't require it anymore but we really need some in stock for the future.

Can you help buy us some?

The electric ones are no use for us as many of the animals are left unattended or are not in reach of a socket. We have also concerns over wheat filled ones as the animals would sometimes tear into them and they often don't hold their heat as long we have found.

They retail between £13 to £20 and there are a couple of brands out there selling them - we honestly have only used the snugglesafe ones but are open to suggestions.

Countdown to Christmas with CLAS!

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