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Advent Appeal - Day 8

Day 8 of our countdown to Christmas, and, well, the ponies asked for little likits, so the "big ponies" are asking for some big licks! More specifically they heard we have a deal with Horslyx and Fane Valley that runs out this year and they have asked us to put in an order, of course, we said yes, but we need to raise some funds to buy some too!

We get an incredible charity discount with them and before it runs out we would like to stock up. The horses and ponies love the Horslyx and although it's given sparingly we do run out quickly. We haven't had any new ones in months and so before our deal runs out we would like to purchase some more to cover us for another little while.

Horslyx is one of the treats/supplements we don't buy often for our boys and girls, even though many see benefits. We just can't afford it to be honest and all funds have to be looked at carefully to cover vet bills, feed, heating, lighting, etc.

It's Christmas and this year has been quite awful in a lot of ways, but in many ways, it's been wonderful! We've made so many new friends and connected with lots of new people and just to have been able to help so many animals.

We are digressing, but we are always overwhelmed with people's support and we know we are always asking, but this time we swear it's the horses asking. To be honest, the staff could do without the licks, they are sticky, some of them smell, and there is always one that the horses want to fight over because it's the overall favourite.

This is not a plea for us, it's an appeal for them. The horses like Solomon who is the only one who likes the Garlic one; or Jodie who says the respiratory really helps with her cough; or Penny who honestly just likes the taste but only the original or mint!

Can you help us treat them to a special Christmas this year?

Countdown to Christmas with CLAS!

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