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Behind the scenes: Sanctuary Walking Tour

24th August 2022 @ 1:30pm

We had our Sanctuary walking tour yesterday up at Crosskennan and what a day for it! Our fantastic guide, Carol (pictured right) took us around the yard to meet all the wonderful animals, starting with the equines - with all the whinnying and clip-clopping going on, it was hard not to spot all the fabulous horses, ponies and donkeys!

On our walk, we were accompanied by both Lucas and Hercules (also pictured right), 2 of the loveliest gentle giants (and this is coming from someone who is sheepish of all moving things!). They escorted us right up to the open fields and the stables where we met Sansa, Lacey and her beautiful daughter, Darcey. Hercules introduced us to Penny next door to the girls, who was grouped with some lovely Donkeys like Ned, Denzel, Emily and Elijah.

We moved back down the yard to have a peek at the others before heading into the cat cabin to meet those friendly felines. After being greeted at the door by Sidney and Annie, we were immersed in a true cat sanctuary. Beds at all levels with so many comfy cushions, duvets and blankets. If there weren't others there, I would definitely have curled up with the cats there and then!

Minstrel and Daisy were first on the scene to see what all the fuss was about before the gorgeous Simon decided to inspect us a bit closer. If you're careful enough, you might even spot wee Ernie, the rooster in the corner! The tour came to a close with the chickens - definitely not deserving of the cowardly connotation! They were confident and such energetic little ones running around their enclosure like children in a playground.

Their neighbours, the big Broilers were getting fed as we poked over the fence. An activity that looked like they were on cloud 9! They then decided to show just how powerful their wee lungs were with a great big "Cock-a-doodle-doo" The sound every person loves to hear when walking onto a yard with animals.

What do you think to another round of our Walking Tour sessions?

  • Absolutely!

  • Not this time.

  • I have another suggestion!

  • I'm not always free* (Please share availability in comments)

You can vote for more than one answer.

If you didn't manage to get involved in the tour this time round, please don't worry. We hope to see more of these kind of events in future so keep your eyes peeled for more info! *If you're interested in taking part in future walking tours but haven't got much free time mid-week/during the day, don't worry! Please let us know in the comments what days/times suit you best and we'll do what we can to accommodate!

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