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Boots needs your Help!

Our beautiful Boots, rescued in August as part of the Fairhill Colony is coming along so well. We had hoped to get him a new home very soon. As part of all rehoming, we like to get a full health test and it was during this routine check that we felt something was off with his back leg.

We knew when he arrived in he had an injury, during his first few weeks this injury seemed to heal, and when he went to the vets for spaying they didn't raise any concerns.

This past month however we have watched him and we are concerned what was thought was just a small injury could be hiding a bigger issue. He gets around on it fine at the moment, with only a small level of perceived difficulty/discomfort. But any level of discomfort isn't what we aim for and we would never rehome an animal without knowing as much as we can and doing whatever we can to make them happy and healthy.

So we made an appointment with our vets for an assessment and he has now been referred to orthopedics. At this point, we don't know what the outcome of this will be - but to make sure he is happy and pain-free we will do whatever we can.

In order to help raise the money to cover his tests, appointments, etc. and just the general costs of care for the Fairhill colony and all the cats that have been reduced during lockdown; we are running a competition, generously supported by Fairhill Shops.

The competition is open to all children up to 16 years of age and the main aim is to provide a poster - detailing care of a pet. The posters will be judged on the quality of information and overall creativity. You can pick any pet to talk about - any medium to design, and it's only a £1 to enter and that pound goes directly into the Cat's Vet Care!

So please share, enter, why not even get your school or youth groups involved?

Winners will receive one of three hampers, generously donated by Claires, The Works, and The Kiosk. They will also be invited up to meet some of the animals at the sanctuary and get up close.

So again, please share, enter, and help us help cats like Boots!

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