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Here’s to 2020!

Over 190 animals helped - through rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming - in 2019!

Thank you all so much for your support to help us care for those who need us most! We most sincerely cannot do this without the general public’s support, volunteers time and our staffs unwavering dedication to the animals in their care.

At times we seem very flustered, many days we just want the day to end, many weeks we would rather skip, phone calls are too many to count and emails fill the inbox. Bills fill the post box and animals appear as if by magic some days: it’s quite literally possible to walk into the yard and say “where did that one come from?”. Still we are there in the rain; the snow, the wind, the scorching sun (those couple of days in the year it graces us with its presence). We shovel poo and wade through mud. We are trampled, sneezed and peed on.

Then we finally pull our gloves off and snap a cute photo or take a funny video and send it to someone for them to put it online so that you - the general public, our supporters - can enjoy the joy that comes from the long and sometimes heartbreaking days. We use these photos to beg for more support, more money and food and bedding and help. We ask for you to share just to show that you care because we do know you cannot give everything - but you always manage to give enough.

2020 marks our 24th year since we achieved charitable status. By our reckoning and records that marks a potential of over 5,000 animals helped since we started our journey together.

So from the bottom of my heart, and from the hearts of those 5000 or so animals - thank you for your continued support.

We cannot say it any simpler - Thank you.

To continue to help us text CLAS to 70660 to set up a regular monthly donation of £3.

Or for more information on how to help email the team at

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