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International Cat Day 2022

Monday 8th August is International Cat Day! The purrfect occasion to celebrate our feline friends!

Did you know, International Cat Day was established in 2002 as a way to raise awareness for cats and learn about how to help and protect them?

We think cats are just amazing and love their unique and often quirky personalities. When we think of pet cats, we often think of well socialised cats who enjoy handling from humans.

However, not all cats will be immediately comfortable with this due to their background, like these two gorgeous girls pictured below, Amber and Luna, who are on the lookout for their forever home. Both girls are very nervous and will need time and patience to come round to their new guardian. To learn more about these girls and their needs, or to apply to adopt them, please click on their photo below.

We also have a number of felines here at the sanctuary, who ARE keen on human handling, including the beautiful Belle, pictured below. Belle is a lovely, affectionate middle-aged lady at 10 years old. If you would like to find out more about Belle and her needs or would be interested in rehoming her, please click on her photo below.

On this day of celebration of our cat companions, we thought we'd share with you a helpful graphic from the RSPCA on some basic feline body language. As with dogs, it is important to have an awareness of feline body language so we can respect cats' needs and emotions, and take their worried/angry behaviours just as seriously as dogs'. It's a good idea to closely monitor your cat's behaviour to quickly spot signs that your cat is upset, injured, sick or frightened. Here are some behaviours to look out for:

We hope all the cats out there have a great International Cat Day and get spoiled by their owners! If you have a cat at home, remember to give them a little extra love and maybe a tasty treat or two!


Learn about all the cats we have at the sanctuary currently seeking homes;


You can also help us continue to care for the 30 cats who live permanently at the sanctuary due to health, age or behaviour by sponsoring!

Happy International Cats Day Every-pawdy!

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