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Minstrel - Sends his Regards...

I'm going to keep this brief and to the point. I'm not interested in pleasing the humans, it is their job to please me therefore I will not be including a statement in the upcoming... Wait, what?

Well, I've just been informed that as this is my final correspondence before Christmas I'm allowed to put in requests. Well, that of course changes things and I realise that yes I suppose you would like to hear about all the things I have been up to.

Well, I've been extremely busy as you can, I am sure, imagine. I wake up at 5 am every morning to do a perimeter check of the cabin. On finding it unbroken I huff for a minute, glare out the window at the chirping birds, and then go back to sleep. At 9 am I am insulted to find my kingdom invaded by humans. They leave their offerings of food and remove my poo. I glare as they do so to remind them of my displeasure.

I spend the day observing rules and etiquette are met. Some of these pampered cats have no idea what it's like to be the king. They actually play with the humans and run over to greet them. I would never be caught as being so foolish.

At 7 pm, my groom arrives to tidy my appearance. I do not enjoy this of course, and I certainly do not rush no matter what the other felines may say. In my defense, if I felt the need to explain myself; even the fiercest of warriors in battle, had valets to ensure their armor was shiny and their tunics were pressed.

In conclusion, I doubt very much that my routine will vary over the next few weeks or months. In fact, I hope it does not. Perhaps if the food came a little more regularly and perhaps if the groom was a little more frequent. But, ugh, those ghastly humans.

With the upcoming lockdown, I am slightly concerned that my usual staff will be unable to attend to me and I will have to begin to try and train up some newbies. I do take my human training very seriously, but I've just got the staff the way I like them.

I will ask Father Christmas for some sort of pass for my people; after all, I cannot go without. The absolute horror to imagine little old me having to suffer through the injustices of inadequate staff.

With great reluctance, much love from the not so feral feline.




“Send a new scratching post, I'm bored with this one and must keep my claws functioning for action!".

- Minstrel -


PS. Yes you can sponsor me, and I suppose you can come and see me too on the special sponsor days; but just because you can come and see me does not mean I will engage with you. I'm warning you now, I will not be bought by some cheap treats and a fluffy bit of string, I am not some silly kitten. I am a wild and mighty feral, my people charged alongside... oh, got to go, the staff have just brought me my daily dreamies. :P


At this time of year, costs are higher overall and with the past year being what it was, we have very little in reserves to help cover out winter bills. This year we were on par in numbers with the years of the Equine Crisis and times when we held police and council contracts. Those numbers relate only to that of the animals needing help and the outgoing costs. We receive no statutory funding and are solely reliant on the generosity of people, businesses, and grant-giving bodies who support our work and the animals in need.

Every penny really does help, at the moment our carrots for the horses, ponies, rabbits, donkeys, and birds cost just fourteen pence a bag. Fourteen pence, that's it.

So when we say every penny, we truly mean that and we are truly thankful for every penny that everyone donates, for every tin of food delivered, for every share, and like and comment that can help share the word.

If you want to get stuff delivered to us you can get it posted direct to Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary, 26 Crosskennan Lane, Ballynoe, Antrim, BT41 2QY

Or send us an email to to arrange a drop off of donations!

Did you know you can send grocery deliveries to us too? Just let us know in advance, and you can do an ASDA, Tesco's, Sainsbury's Online delivery and get it dropped off at the sanctuary. We can make use of so much from your local supermarket, from fresh fruit and veg to frozen peas and sweetcorn, fresh chicken, ham, liver, washing up powder/tablets, dish soap, bleach, disinfectant, toilet rolls, dog food, cat food, birdseed... The list could go on forever!

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