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Rehome Me! - Joy’s Kittens

This beauty is Joy, she was rescued in August 2020 as a wild stray. She had many feral tendencies and it took us weeks to even be able to get close enough to sex her.

By that point we didn’t need to get too close. She was filling up - and not just from the food she was getting.

We moved her out of the quarantine area on a Saturday afternoon and on the Sunday night she gave birth.

We let her do her thing; she was a very attentive mother, and it wasnt long until they started to explore their space. Joy watching on.

These 6 babies are now ready to find a home of their own. They are happy and healthy babies and now we are pleased to say - they are all ready to find homes of their own. When they are rehomed we can focus our attention on caring for mum.

So we have 6 adorable bundles of pure joy! They will be rehomed in pairs Why pairs? Well...

They are all a friendly and curious mix and there is no set pairings. Please fill out an application here -

They are a mix of short hair and long hair, tabby, tortie and black and white.

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