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Advent Appeal - Day 5

Is it just us or is December flying by? Lady and the littles have put a request in for day five of our countdown to Christmas. They would love some more likit's for their boredom breakers. All the horses and ponies are spending more time indoors, and although they have paddocks to play in there are times when the munchkins are sharing (that's thirteen little ponies!) and it can get a little too crowded for games.

Also, some of the oldies just can't be bothered with the youngsters who run around like every day is Christmas and Santa's just been!

They have a couple of holders and boredom breaker balls and they love them so much. It's only a little treat and honestly doesn't last very long with them all, but don't we all deserve a treat? Even once in a while?

Their balls need two little likits and one big one each. Each big likit is approximately £3 with the little ones around £2. They only last a day or two with all the ponies 'licking' (or chewing since they absolutely adore them!).

They do have specific flavours they like too. Himalayan Salt, Apple, Carrot, Cherry and Mint... If anyone would like to send them some!

We are sure the other ponies and horses will be putting their orders in too... perhaps a few more tubs of horslyx?

If we raise enough for the littles we promise to buy the big boys and girls some of their favourite licks too!

Countdown to Christmas with CLAS!

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