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Cat and Kitten Emergency Care

Once again we thank everyone for their generous support for our appeal for the cats and kittens who have had to have emergency vet care in January until March this year.

We are pleased to say the main feature creature of our appeal - little Rue - has gone to her new home this week. She had her vaccinations and spay and her final check with the vet to give her the clear for rehoming and as she had a home sitting waiting to go... well off she went.

We are sure that goodbye wasn't easy for Rue's foster mum who nursed her through her illness when she wasn't hospitalised. But at the same time what an amazing thing to do. So thank you Colleen and thank you to all our fosterers who have taken on cats and kittens, especially the sicker ones and the ones who needed the extra care and handling.

Also a massive thank you to our volunteers on the yard who work with our cats and keep them all going, especially among the chaos of the yard at present with relocations of the cat shed and lots of medication and extra care needed.

We are over halfway to our target to help with the bills incurred in caring for some of these felines we mention on our page, and every penny of the Emergency Cat/Kitten Care appeal is going directly to pay off those bills.

The Appeal is live on our facebook page - but you can also support in other ways too with a donation - just mark it as Cat and Kitten Emergency Appeal

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