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Our Week at Crosskennan! AUG 5-11

A quick recap of the previous week for our readers on what's been happening at a very busy Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary!

We now have a whopping 86 entries to our Big CLAS Pet Show 2022, that brings us to a current total of £172 raised for our animals!

With more categories available to enter, we'd love to see those numbers grow so please keep sharing your fantastic snaps of your wonderful companions.

At £2 per entry with no limit on how many times you enter, why not enter into a few different categories with a better chance of winning!

Don't have a pet? No problem we even have a kids 'design your pet class and an adults wildlife photo class!

Not a professional photographer? No problem! Photos don't have to be amazing, it's all about the pet and there is a class for them all. Check out some of our classes below:

  • Ferocious Feline (cats in general)

  • Daring Dogs Do Action Female Rescue Dog

  • Male Rescue Dog

  • Judges Choice

  • No Pet No Problem (Wildlife/Nature)

  • Perfect Pairs

  • Rescue Cat

  • Rescue Equine

  • Senior Dog

  • Senior Equine

  • Sleeping Beauties

  • I Do My Own Stunts

  • The Young Ones

  • All About The Hair (any animal with a hairdo, amazing hair, or just looking fab after a groom)

  • Any Rescue (any animal other than a cat, dog or equine)

  • Equine Junior Handler (Kids under 16 - handling their pony/donkey/horse either ridden, in hand or general care. Collage allowed)

  • Mini Me - Doppelganger Pets (looks like you or looks like another of your pets)

  • My Dream Pets (under 16 design/art entry)

  • My Little Friends (kids class)

  • Senior Pets (any other than a dog or equine) Rainbow Remembered (for those who have crossed the rainbow bridge, open to all species)

Check out our facebook for daily updates!

You can enter any of our classes by clicking the button below

*Instructions for submission along with our T&C's are also available on our website* Some of our current entries below for this years Big CLAS Online Pet Show!

Autism NI Summer Workshop - Equine Fun This Tuesdays group from Autism NI - up working with residents Lydia & Susie.

This week our young people from our Girls and Autism Project learnt all about grooming horses and how this can help us bond with them! Everyone put their new knowledge into practice using different brushes and tools to brush off dust, comb tails and manes, and even clean out some hooves! Just look at these happy, shiny horses!

Next week is our final week with the group and we will be throwing them into the deep end with a full three weeks worth of knowledge put to the test.

Animal Antics!

Precious "helping" with the calls this week. She was very confused where the little person who kept speaking was hiding.

Upcoming Events

Rescues Restore - 17th & 24th August 2022 @ 5:55pm & 6:40pm

We are having a couple short mindfulness sessions at the sanctuary. 4 sessions in total - If we get a lot of interest we may be able to add more evenings. £5 per person per session and all funds go to caring for the animals.

Sessions will be weather permitting taking place in the main garden of the sanctuary, the Barn and our Cat Cabin. We may need to adjust the session depending on the animals and the group numbers.

REGISTER HERE to take part!

Behind the Scenes - Walking Tour - 24th August 2022 @ 1:30pm Come along for a walking tour of the sanctuary to meet some of our animals and see some of the work that is going on on-site.

A guided walking tour of the sanctuary; giving you a chance to see around and meet some of the animals and also raising a little money towards their care.

We are asking for a minimum donation of £5 per person.

Tickets are limited.

REGISTER HERE to take part!

Crosskennan's Autumn Dog Walk - 1st October 2022 @ 12:00pm In aid of Crosskennan's small animal vet bills! Taking place on the 1st October from 12pm, our sponsored walk will start off from our premises at: 26 Crosskennan Lane, Ballynoe Rd, Antrim BT41 2QY

Setting off in the scenic countryside we will be covering approximately four miles in a round trip back to the sanctuary. You can take part on your own, in a group, and dogs are of course welcome!

We hope the weather will be fair, but cool enough for our canine companions as they have struggled in previous years when the weather has been too hot.

REGISTER HERE to take part!

25th Anniversary Gala Dinner - 5th November 2022 @ 7:00pm Maldron Hotel, Belfast International Airport, 200 Airport Rd, Crumlin, BT29 4ZY Crosskennan was founded in 1996 - in 2021 we celebrated our 25th year. Due to Covid, our planned Gala dinner had to be postponed until the following year. Our birthday is the 6th of November so it is apt for us to finish out our 25th year with a party.

The Dinner will be held at The Maldron Hotel Belfast International Airport, beginning with a red carpet arrival, drinks reception followed by a three course meal, a few speeches (we will keep these brief) and closing the evening with music and dancing.

Home from home...

Looking for homes! We still have 30+ cats and kittens seeking homes at present. Aged 10 weeks to 12 years there is a cat or kitten for everyone.

This week we wanted to remind our readers of the wonderful feline friends we had:

Sheba, Tipsy & Flopsy

Can you offer a home to 1, 2 or 3 of these beautiful girls a Mum and two of her kittens. Kittens around 13 weeks old - Tipsy (tortie) and Flopsy (black). Both full of beans and just ready for a big adventure! Mum is the big tortie. Email for more information on these three.

Bambam & Ollie Seeking a home together, these 11 week old brothers are on the hunt for their forever home.

Do you like watching tv and giving head scratches? Our beautiful black tiger striped Princess could be the girl for you. Our 12 week old sibling duo are looking for a new home together. Stevie is just as playful but a bit more timid than his sister and therefore would prefer an adult household. Franny (Francine)

Not one application has been submitted for the sweetest cat ever. Could you open your home to this wonderful lady who just wants to enjoy life. Our new mum (to Stevie & Princess), Franny is very affectionate but prefers to sit beside you rather than on your knee. She purrs like a motorbike and is estimated to be around 2-3 years old. She is a very confident lady and will have no problem adapting to new environments.

Henry, Heidi, Haribo & Harper Just over 10 weeks old and having had their 1st vaccines and all clear from the vet, our four tabby siblings are all ready to find new homes.

Henry and Heidi are super friendly, confident wee kittens who love human attention and love playing with the children in their foster home. Although we'd prefer these 2 to go together we do think they would be ok separate as long as they have company.

Haribo and Harper are a little more nervous still, although happy to be worked with. At present they are still very nervous of children so they are looking for a home with adults or children over 12 years. This pair find great comfort in each other and so are only looking for a home where they can go as a pair.

Martha Our 12 year old grey tabby Martha is looking out for a home of her own where she can live out the rest of her days with some well deserved peace and pampering. Living as a stray for 10+ years, I think it's about time Martha experienced the sweet life.

Martha moved into foster and had all her checks and a little TLC. Sadly she tested positive for FIV. FIV is not a death sentence but it does limit her options moving on. She currently lives all her days in one room of her fosters house, and she is quite content although would like to explore a little more. FIV cats can enjoy a happy life and can make wonderful companions. To prevent the disease from spreading, the RSPCA recommends FIV cats must be the only cat in the household, so if you'd like to have a one-cat home, an FIV cat might suit you. Adopting an FIV-positive cat can be really rewarding. Although nobody can predict the future, many FIV cats can potentially live long, healthy and full lives, just like a non-infected cat. They also have all the usual needs of any cat, such as a nutritious diet, mental stimulation and plenty of love! Rocky, Rumour and Ripley

This gorgeous trio is Rocky, Ripley and Rumour. Rocky the female is black with a little white on her tummy. Ripley is a beautiful brown-black and Rumour is the tabby with the most beautiful markings.

They have been in foster for a few weeks after being rescued alongside their mum, Reina (also advertised on the website). The kittens are developing their personalities at the moment, mostly interested in exploring and food. If they grow up like their mum they will be very special cats.

Reina herself has been described as very zen and from the moment of her rescue she has taken to being groomed, having attention and in general living the house cat pet life like she was born into it. Quite different to her origin - being dumped at a derelict house heavily pregnant.

The kittens may grow up like mum, or they may be the complete opposite - at the present time they still haven't developed any strong personality traits. They have also had either no or very little exposure to children and dogs.

It's our preference that they find homes either in pairs or into a home with another cat present; potentially being rehomed alongside mum who is little more than a kitten herself.

All three kittens and their mum deserve someone to love them - could that be you?

Reina This gorgeous girl is Reina, a very chilled young mum who is looking forward to finding a home of her own very soon. Reina is only a kitten herself but already she's been a mum to 3 wonderful little kittens, Rocky, Rumour and Ripley

She may be happy being rehomed with other cats, or even with one of her kittens. She won't demand much, but would be very happy to accept the attention when it's given.

Approximately 5 months old now, this wee man is looking for his forever home after being a little overlooked and forgotten. His sisters have both been rehomed, and his mum is on her second litter. He's been demanding a home of his own so that's our mission this week!

Wilbert is a character; he loves all the attention so is looking for a home with either a really laid back cat or no other cats. He has no experience around children.

He is a very straight talking gentleman. Likes what he likes and demands what he can't have.

Would be the purrfect character to keep you entertained! He does enjoy a bit of attention and would love someone who can give him lots and lots!

We have a rehoming fee of £70 for cats. All our cats are neutered and if not neutered at the time of rehoming, will be required to be neutered as soon as permitted by a vet. All adoptions will only take place following meeting the cat at the sanctuary and a home check.

Unfortunately due to the large number of applications we can receive per cat we do have to state that we may not be able to contact every unsuccessful home. Adoptive homes will only be considered in NORTHERN IRELAND. We are sorry we cannot accommodate further afield but this ensures we can carry out effective home checks and you have a chance to meet the cats before adoption.

The importance of Spaying/Neutering your cat

We would also like to encourage neutering and spaying of your pets. There are so many cats on the streets without people to hep. Why would you add to the ongoing problems. There are more and more everyday needing help and we haven't the capacity to help anymore with our waiting list already overflowing. These cats/kittens need rescued, vet care, spayed/neutered and a kind, caring home. We have 60+ cats in our care currently and costs ramp up quickly. Spaying/neutering a cat costs roughly £35 each incl. discount (depending on vet as our fosterers are based in different areas and attend different vets). With vaccinations, flea treatments, worming and microchipping as a standard, these costs can mount up.

If you can help with the costs, please help using the donation information at the bottom of our page.

Or text CLAS Paws to 70660 to pledge £3 a month. Food, litter, milk, wormers, etc are all welcome too!

Dog Rehoming Koba Our lovely 6 year old staffie, Koba has been on our list for over 2 months now. Unfortunately due to his owners health, he isn't getting the same attention he is used to and they've made the difficult decision to rehome him to a family who can give him the attention he deserves.

Koba is lovely, friendly dog. Good with children and okay with other dogs although introductions will be required for any children or dogs in the home. He is a happy boy who enjoys attention but can be left out in the dog run for periods of time. Could you be the love and affection Koba desperately needs? Koji

Koji has been on our list for 2 months now. With only 1 suitable application that came to a dead end, we'd love to find a happy home for this sweet boy.

Koji is a 6 year old Bullmastif x Japanese Akita, unfortunately his current family are unable to provide the exercise and attention he deserves.

Given his breeding he is a large strong dog and ideally we would be looking for a home with a good sized secure garden. He is an active dog but also loves lying about on the sofa and getting lots of cuddles.

He's a lovely friendly dog, good with children - and has experience of children aged 4 and above in the home. He is good with dogs both in the home and out on walks, he doesn't have much experience off lead with other dogs. Meetings and careful introductions will be required for any children or dogs in the existing home.

He has been in his current home since he was 8 weeks old and this is a sad rehoming for them and one they've been working to prevent for the past two years. He is looking for a home that can give him all the love and attention he is used to.


We have a number of beautiful horses and ponies who are looking for companion homes. Can you offer a home to a rescue, horse, pony or donkey? Each one is special in their own way, all are non ridden due to age or injury but that doesn't hold them back from being incredible companions, friends and yes 'field ornaments'! Not all are currently on site at the sanctuary but we would love to find them all new homes (or as many as we can) before the winter.

Please fill in an application form on our website; specify companion only and let us know what you are looking for. We may not have someone suitable but we have quite a selection. At present most people want ridden equines so these guys so often get overlooked.

All horses and ponies will only be rehomed after at least one meeting with the horse and following a home check.

Emily & Elijah have been working incredibly hard this past while to improve their chances of finding a home of their own.

The mother and son duo have been practicing their leading, their lifting of feet and their manners.

They would adore a family who would shower them with attention. Elijah would love a sensible (half mad) child of his own to torture (love). Emily enjoys quiet attention and often lets her son have all the attention. So, a parent child combo could be perfect for this parent and child combo! They are bigger donkeys with some specific requirements:

- An extra large stable for the two to be housed together if possible but provision for separation (2 stables) if required.

- Limited grazing / grass free turnout / track system?

We love them at the sanctuary and we will miss them when they find a home but they deserve a family who can give them all their extra time.

Our latest online stories...

International Cat Day 2022 - 8th August The purrfect occasion to celebrate our feline friends! We appreciate your support!

We appreciate your support!

It's always overwhelming to us how caring our supporters are. We just want to say a huge thanks to all of you this past week who gave in one way or another.